Comments from Siggi Eggertsson:
“This is a video that is made from over 400 images that I created from 2003-2009. Bits and pieces from commercial, rejected and personal projects. I had been collecting all those images to use in a completely different project, but then discovered that they could look great in animation too. After painful days in After Effects, fighting with all those 400 layers (and nearly killing my computer), the video was complete.”

Directed by Siggi Eggertsson
Illustrations by Siggi Eggertsson
Music by Johnny Sexual

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2 Responses to “A Growing Pile of Work”

  1. Happyjoylove Says:

    Are you a human? Man that was wonderful! Pixeled modern pop-art pictures blowing my head off. Very great timing! Time is enough to understand each picture. Super! Titanic work! Hope your virtual memory had a rest.

  2. mariano Says:

    superb !

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