Over the next two years Changethethought will be redeveloped into a premier destination for global creatives to both share their work and what inspires them. They will also soon be able to sell their work both through their individual account or through the Changethethought online store front.

In 2012 the Changethethought production studio joined forces with some good friends at Denver’s premier production collective Friends of Mine. As of 2012 all client-driven projects will be routed through Friends of Mine while Changethethought shifts it’s focus back towards the creative community at large as well as it’s own unique creative brand.

If you have a project for Friends of Mine please contact Executive Producer Jeff Snyder: jeff[at]friendsofmine.tv

If you would like to partner with or sponsor Changethethought please contact Christopher Cox at: chris[at]changethethought.com

or call: 303-917-3046

The Changethethought commercial portfolio can now be viewed at friendsofmine.tv.

Our mailing address:
8100 W 10th Avenue
Lakewood, CO

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