Here is a new and amazingly slick advert for the launch of Adobe’s Production Premium CS5 Suite. The ad comes to you via Goodby, Silverstein & Partners with a large and long cast of credits that you can read through here.

Get out your wallets and dig deep. Really really deep.

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3 Responses to “Adobe CS5 – Production Premium”

  1. Trevor Conrad Says:

    I guess they don’t put ‘intern’ on ‘credits’, oh wait Pixar does, maybe I’ll get credit there?. . . either way i’ll definitely be posting all the process/design work i did for this campaign shortly. It’s a really interesting look at the progression and transformation through various stages of the CS5 development.

  2. allen boe Says:

    Trevor – What are they using for 3D software on this?

  3. Trevor Conrad Says:

    final production was done by Seagulls Fly, they’ve got a nice Q&A over at motionographer that discusses more production and technical issues.

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