Artem Gridin doesn’t have any information about himself at his website but what he does have is some very nice poster work with a rather unique and playfully experimental take on typography.

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  1. Joris-Jan Says:

    Reminds me very much of Alex Trochut’s The Decemberists poster: http://www.alextrochut.com/

  2. Christopher Says:

    I love the subtle dissing of the ‘reminds me of’ comments. I’d be willing to bet Artem has probably never even seen that poster and the rest of his work is very very different from that poster if you take the time to actually look through his portfolio.

  3. Joris-Jan Says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen it and I like his work, including this poster. I wasn’t so much trying to diss the work of Artem Gridin, but just wanted to point out the two posters very much look alike. I’m wondering who was first though. It’s the first item of both of their portfolios.

  4. agerone Says:

    it’s true that it reminds me of alex trochut’s The Decemberists poster as well. Artem Gridin used a very similar “type” especially the stone thing and the form of course and the smaller stones flowing next to the typography. The “O” on this poster here is similar to the “D” done by Alex.
    yeah but all in all i like this poster here, too! And his other work looks interesting, too.

    Christopher you’re probably right i’ve experienced that as well when reading comments that many people say that this work always reminds them of that work. i think that if you make good stuff out of your inspiration and mix it with own ideas and your working style, there’s nothing wrong doing it.

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