Is world-renowned graffiti artist Banksy really well-to-do Bristol suburbanite Robin Gunningham? After an exhaustive year long search The Mail on Sunday has built a case that potentially supports that possibility. Of course everyone involved, even Gunningham’s parents, are denying that the man even exists. It’s another notch in Banksy lore, and it is an interesting story. You can read all about it here and decide for yourself if there is anything to it or if it is just another red herring load of Banksy-driven BS.

Even if Banksy is Robin Gunningham, does it really matter? It doesn’t change what he has done, and that to me has a hell of a lot more to do with who he is than how or where he grew up. A man is the summation of his decisions, and Gunningham or not, he has chosen to be Banksy and that is who he is now.

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2 Responses to “Banksy Unmasked”

  1. torka Says:

    the question is: do you, people, really want to know who he really is???
    keep the mistery, keep the magic…

  2. nick Says:

    i think it’s kinda sad if it’s true. his “crimes” aren’t that bad and the “break-ins” really didn’t cause any harm per se. Anonymity is so rare these days, so that was special. but like chris said, it won’t change what he has done or what he’ll continue to do. his life would change though I’d imagine…

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