It was everything it needed to be last night and more. It was tough, it was smart and it was dead on. It was exactly what needed to be said.

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4 Responses to “Barack Obama 08 DNC Speech”

  1. mb Says:

    You are absolutely right. I have to admit I was getting a little burnt out for the first part of the convention but that speech reeled me right back in. You can’t fake that kind of hope and faith in your country.

  2. allenboe Says:

    I thought it was ok, I listened to part of it on the radio so that really let me focus on the words instead of all the body language and staging. Still don’t think he has any idea how to really implement any of his plans without taxing more than his 5% of America. Simple economics and history shows that it won’t work, the little guy will end up worse off because those 5% own and sell us everything, those costs will just be passed down as higher prices and get absorbed by the people who need to buy food and gas.

  3. Bijan Says:

    Best DNC ever.

  4. Luke Says:

    You haven’t put anything new in this section for a while, but I’ll leave a slightly off topic comment anyway. I’m planning on voting for Obama now, but I actually like McCain. My big problem with McCain is Sarah Palin. If you thought she was a truly honest over-birthing moose hunter that didn’t play along with the obvious yet hidden douch-baggery of the politicians in the past eight years, then here’s some articles you need to read about the debates that are about to take place.

    One is from The Guardian in the UK, so it is a little biased because it’s liberal but not too biased because it’s still an outside view of our government. Anyway, the Republican party is trying to market McCain as the best leader for protecting us from terrorists, but they know that in comparison to Joe Biden, Sarah Palin sucks balls when it comes to knowing anything about foreign policies. So the Republican team has successfully shortened the amount of time that Biden is allowed to cross examine Palin on “certain topics” and the questions are random and can include or leave out any subjects , i.e. foreign policy. I consider myself an independent, but I’m pretty damn tired of living under a sneaky ass government that isn’t even intelligent enough to hide the fact that they’re lying and hiding the truth from me. To me this is the first proof that McCain and Palin really will be like another four years of Bush.

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