Bird is a new project/book created by photographer Andrew Zuckerman. The book is a series of portraits detailing numerous bird species on simple white backgrounds. The imagery is really stunning and the amount of work it must have entailed to so painstakingly capture so many beautiful examples is inspiring to say the least.

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  1. Andrew Zuckerman – Pájaros « Pasa la vida Says:

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  2. Trevor Conrad Says:

    Inspiring indeed. . . Wow, what beautiful photography. . . great update thanks!!

  3. Sara Miller Says:

    I know this might not be the most appropriate place to post this but for other readers living in the USA are you concerned about the debt? It just seems like it is getting to the point where the country is going to go bankrupt and my husband and I are just a little concerned that our kids and grandkids are going to have some big problems in a few years. Thanks for letting me vent, Sara

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