Animator Daniel G Moreno thinks this is something you should know and actually it probably is something a real world traveling action hero stud kind of a guy should definitely know. So take notes.

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I was totally consumed by Schwarzenegger as a child. I even competed in bodybuilding as a teen I wanted so much to be like him. So I was pretty jazzed by this animation piece paying homage to the now dethroned king of manliness by Brainbow.

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We recently came across the work of Japanese cell animator Mirai Mizue and have been pretty blown away by her body of work. Reminds us a lot of the psychedelic work of filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki.

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Defective Detective is a film by Avner Geller and Stevie Lewis that debuted exclusively at the the Cartoon Brew’s 2nd Student Animation Festival. Wow. This is student work? Time to up the game seriously.

Visit the filmmakers’ websites at:
Avner Geller: AvnerGeller.blogspot.com
Stevie Lewis: Chocosweete.blogspot.com

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This is the strange, whimsical but fun to watch official music video for Jeez Louise’s single ‘Secret Skwirl’ directed and animated by Maxime Bruneel.

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Wild Robot 2 is the second installment in the Wild Robot series by talented director/animator Sam Mason. It’s a psychedelic Tim Burton steampunk kind of affair that has been expertly crafted by the hands of a real talent.

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German animation/motion studio Polynoid, have launched their short film entry entitled Loom as a part of the Resonance project.

They released through the short film through their website at www.polynoid.tv. The film was originally released in 2010 and has so far been the recipient of numerous film festival awards including ‘Best in Show’ at Siggraph 2010, an ‘Honorary Mention’ at ARS Eletronica 2010, and the 2010 VES Award for ‘Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project.’

It’s stunning piece of work.

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Apparently this is a teaser for a full length animated feature. It looks pretty amazing and is being released by Blacklight Movies and is being produced by Guillaume Ivernel. Wow.

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The OFFF On Tour Madrid 2011 titles have hit the net and they are long, strong and down to get some friction on. There was a large cast of people on this one and it shows through a long and highly developed animation. Credits: Direction & Creation: Cocoe Animation Direction: Rubén García Art Direction: Duprez 3D & Compositing: Antonia Salas Compositing: Microbians, Duprez, Miguel Márquez and Dolores Escamilla VFX: Microbians Additional Animation: Rubén Fernández and Sergiopop Additional 3D: Sergio de la Varga Music & Sound Design: Omar Tenani

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Will Sweeney directed this animated romp (Heavy Metal style) for Das Pop’s single ‘The Game’.

Director: Will Sweeney
Lead Animators: Daniel Britt, Joseph Pelling
Animators: Andy Baker, Tom Bunker, Nicos Livesey
Character Design, Background Illustration: Will Sweeney
Background Illustration: Susumu Mukai

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Kate Spade asked Mike Perry to generate motion visual piece on the color green for the Live Colorfully project and the wonderful result can be viewed above.

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Dimitri Stankowicz direct this absolutely fantastic animated interpretation of ‘Bjork’s Innocence’ for Passion Pictures.

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I shot a photo roughly every two miles between take-off in San Francisco and landing in Paris CDG to make this airplane time lapse.”

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At first I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this low-fi animation titled ‘Orpheus’ Pony’ by Michael Fragstein but then it sunk in just how much is actually going on in it and how truly psychedelic it really is, then I was hooked. Bizarre but good.

Direction: Michael Fragstein
Music : Lisa Tuyala, Marc Fragstein
Production : Büro Achter April

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Word on the street is that Director Guy Verge Wallace is a very young man and the other word on the street after the direction and production of this amazing video for Papa Vs Pretty will be that he is shit-hot talented. This looks like it was so much work and the end result is fantastic.

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Tolga Ari directed this wonderful little animation.

“Hezarfen is a historical Turkish character. The story takes place in 1632 in Istanbul, where he will attempt the first flight of the human being.”

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New York based film, animation, motion and FX studio Charlex put together this amazing little short and it’s a testament to the brilliant combination of their amazing skill and equally amazing imagination. Brilliant work.

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Matt & Julie aren’t just creative partners, they are also husband and wife and they run a creative studio called Tiger In A Jar. They recently completed a stop-motion animation music video set to Sufjan Steven’s song “All For Myself”. It’s a fun little romp about a dinosaur set to an excellent track. Time to pick up the new Sufjan album.

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