The Move is a short story inspired by moving in Amsterdam and is illustrated through stop-motion animated paper. The Move was directed and art directed by Mandy Smith

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Michiel ten Horn & Maarten J. Berkers directed and concepted this trippy animated romp for the Seymour Bits single ‘Put it back down’. A large cast of folks were involved in the production of this little diddy and you can peruse all of their names and credits here.

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“Buck is an ordinary guy. Well, if you accept the “deer head” thing.
Today, Buck is going to spend the afternoon with his girlfriend who’s so happy to see him (she’s pretty much happy always). But when Buck finds out that her father is not the tolerant and sympathetic guy he expected, the Sunday afternoon turns really bad. Really bad. Like baaaaaaad bad.”

Directed and Produced By :
Denis Bouyer: rigamix@gmail.com
Yann De Preval: yann_de_preval@hotmail.com
Vincent E Sousa: vinz.esousa@gmail.com
Laurent Monneron: laurent.monneron@gmail.com
Sound Design: Julien Begault:  julien.begault@gmail.com
Music : Yannis Dumoutiers and Mickaël Védrine

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Jeff Hamada at Booooooom really wanted to share this short film stop motion video created by Kirsten Lepore. It really is a beautiful little bit of film and it’s so well done that you stop considering the technical difficulty of creating the animation mid-way through because it’s such an emotive piece of work. It’s a simple idea and story but how it’s accomplished really elevates it to the level of art. Beautiful.

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Theodore & Rosemary’s Orchard is a short animated film directed by Kadavre Exquis with music by Nancy Adams about an orchard thieving fruit addict named Theodore.
Official website (including making of)

Listen to Kadavre Exquis

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I Love Dust created this psychedelic freakout for MTV’s World Design Studio as a part of their first creative collaboration with 55DSL. I have no idea how you get something like this past the client but sign us up. I am a big huge slobbery fan of I Love Dust and it’s exciting to see where they have gone lately with animation and motion.

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‘Skyence’ is an experimental animation and collaboration between Skyence (Hamburg) and Johannes Timpernagel (Berlin). The animation was generated in VVVV and final editing was completed in After Effects.

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This Is It Collective created this little video detailing ‘Bad Things That Could Happen’ with nothing more than a few simple cardboard props, some friends and a whole lot of innovation. It looks like it was a lot of fun and it’s a lot of fun to watch too.

Photography – Thomas Bolwell
Sound Design – Andrew Kinnear
Music – Andrew Kinnear & Joseph Pelling
Make Up – Elizabeth Barlow

More at:
This Is It Collective

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Here is some quick and fun stop motion by Alex Schulz.

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Eran Hilleli won best in animation from the Vimeo Festival Awards for this beautiful animation that is a piece of minimal poetry. It’s very simple but sets a rhythm that grabs you and takes you along for a mystical ride. Considering this was Hilleli’s graduation film at bezalel academy of art and design, I’d say he’s got a bright and exciting future ahead of him if he keeps inspiring with work like this.

Original music composed by Ori Avni:oriavni.bandcamp.com
Performed by Ori Avni and Daniela Spector: danielaspector.bandcamp.com
Animation: eranhilleli.com

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Sylvain Tardiveau puts forward a somewhat expected video but that doesn’t make it any less fun or kick ass. It is also right on the money for the music.

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David Wilson decided to go old school trippy 70s animation style for the latest video for The Japanese Pop Stars (featuring Green Velvet) single ‘Let Go’. Hang on for the ride because it gets more interesting as it goes. It helps that it’s a nice tune as well.

You can catch a ‘making of’ video here also.

Directed by: David Wilson
Produced by: Serena Noorani and Tamsin Glasson at Colonel Blimp ( colonelblimp.com )
Commissioned by: Nicola Brown for Virgin/EMI
Primary Illustrator: Keaton Henson
Secondary Illustrators: David Wilson and Andres Guzman
Drawn Animation: Malcolm Draper, Matt Lloyd, Ed Suckling, Toby Jackman, Elena Pomares, David Wilson, Jamie Page
Flash Animation: Michael Zauner, John Malcolm Moore, Ed Suckling, Toby Jackman, Elena Pomares, Andrew Clarke
After Effects Compositing and Effects: Andy Montague via The Mill
Colouring: Christopher Wright, Sally Hancox, Zoe Hough, Alex Simpson, Josh Stocker

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“When the forces of conservation and industrialization within a common society compete head to head, the only entity that can regulate the fight is the fantastic measuring contraption known as the Envirometer. But, as the conflict escalates and the situations become increasingly more destructive and selfish, the vengeful and godlike Envirometer may be the only hope to unite the opposing viewpoints and create a progressive world where everyone can live in harmony.”

Lovingly crafted by Makevisual.

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London based motion and animation firm Treat Studios produced around 20 minutes of visuals for Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes) in early 2010 and cut it down to this wonderful little edit.

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This is old. I didn’t really know about it until a friend shared it with me last night and it just kind of blew my mind. It’s completely hilarious. The short was produced by animator Don Hertzfeldt and was nominated for an Academy Award. Hertzfeldt has a massive fan base and his work is lauded over and often quoted in popular culture. The music and comedic timing of ‘Rejected’ is insane. Seriously funny and absolutely genius.

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Whoah, Gluko and Lennon might bring on an acid flashback for the delicate-minded but it is beautifully animated and just kind of super strange awesome. I’d imagine the kids would love it.

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This animated short is Stephen Ong’s insight into the human machine and it’s consumption addiction. A quote from Frank Lloyd Wright is offered as further explanation, “If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger”.’

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Cours Toujours is a short film made just for fun by Elise Garcette and Olivier Barré, with music by Pilöt. The short was produced by La Station Animation. Pretty cool project to file under ‘just for fun’.

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