I don’t have a lot of information on this video other than it was created by the awesomely named ‘LUCIFER YOUTH FOUNDATION‘ (I was a part of a similar foundation in my youth). So watch it and enjoy.

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The Crystal Beach notified me of this bizarre little video they directed and produced for the Columbus single ‘Hubble’. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first but after watching it more than once it got some hooks in me. You can catch the full production credits at the Vimeo page for the video.

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Lars Aandheim & Christoffer Lossius directed this music video for the Norwegian musician Lasse Passage which features the song on the A-side of their just released 7-inch titled “Say Say Say”.

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Edouard Salier brings his skills to the table for the latest video for Justice’s new single titled ‘Civilization’.

Artist: Justice
Director: Edouard Salier
Producer: Mourad Belkeddar
Production Company: Caviar Paris
Post producer: David Danesi
Post-production company: Digital District

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‘A Love Story in Milk’ was made by Catsnake on commission from Friends of the Earth Friends of the Earth.

Written and produced by Stephen Follows (stephenfollows.com)
Directed and edited by Danann Breathnach (vimeo.com/​danannbreathnach)
Music composed by Michael Csanyi Wills

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Director Kristoffer Borgli gives F5 a little slice of his stark, evocative and emotional style and of course the result is a memorable piece of direction.

Woman – Inga Longvastøl Flem
Thief – Inge Alexander Karstensen
DoP: Jon Gaute Espevold
Editor: Mikael Svartdahl
Sound design: Daniel Angyal and Bård Farbu
Online: Ivar Rystad

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Benoit spent some time on this one and his dedication shows.

Director _ Benoit Millot _ lepotagerdesign.com
Production_Goodideas – goodideas.fr
Images _ Benoit Millot et Sébastien Jousse
Écriture _ Sébastien Jousse et Benoit Millot
Montage_ Franck Littot
Ingénieurs du son_ Arnaud Devillers _Jérôme Pierrot_Christophe Millet
Charles Ludig_Olivier Millo_ Louis Boulloche
Interprète_Simona Calza
Garphisme After Effect_ Nicolas Lichtlé
Sound Design & mixage_ Pocket Studio
Musique_ Cezame music agency_ cezame-fle.com

Agence _Villadelesia&Co – villadalesiaandco.com
Client_CELC Masters Of Linen – linenandhempcommunity.eu

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‘The Mountain’ was filmed between the 4th and 11th of April 2011 at El Teide, Spain’s highest mountain and the home of the Teide Observatory. “The goal (of Terje Sorgjerd) was to capture the beautiful Milky Way galaxy along with one of the most amazing mountains I know El Teide.” We may toil and labor after our complicated creations but nothing ever comes close to nature doing as it does.

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Sam & Sam is a London based production company who are focusing on smaller budget projects for web-based film projects which they shoot on digital DSLR. One of their first projects is an interview with illustrator Jake Blanchard who talks about his latest exhibition, Hylozoism, and reflects on the life of a freelance illustrator.

It’s a smart positioning that Sam and Sam are taking up and our studio at Changethethought have actually been pitching the same kind of project work lately.

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Eddie O’Keefe  brings you Ghosts a ‘Teenage Fever Dream’ about girls, boys, rock ‘n’ roll, sex, guns, leather, summer, humidity and suburbia.

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Hey, what the hell is an audio production company doing on a visual art and design blog? Well if you work in the world of broadcast production like we do you can most certainly appreciate what a fine art sound engineering really is and Flowaudio is doing it right in Spain.

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The amazingly talented artist/art director/director Edouard Salier has updated his website with all kinds of remarkable new work including personal doodles, photography, music videos, art installations, television commercials and short films. He is a truly gifted creator. His recent work for Massive Attack is fantastic (full credits available here).

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Good stuff by Astray Films.

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London based Stamp Films makes films for commercials and music. What’s notable about this? Well…art direction, cinematography and a damn-good-looking finished product that is attracting attention from clients across the globe.

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“Crossing Lines is a short film that documents Irish artist Conor Harrington trip to Tel Aviv, Israel and Bethleham, Palestine in May 2010.”

Camera, Edit & Score – Andrew Telling
Grade – Chloe Hayward
Audio Mix & Master – Andrew Telling & Dave House

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FEEDMEE Design created this opener for the Kurz und Schön (Short and Nice) short film competition. It’s strange, surreal, serene and very memorable.

Client: WDR
Concept & Design: FEEDMEE Design
(Susanne Lüchtrath, Sabine Dully, Benjamin Zurek, Anton Riedel)
Production: FEEDMEE Design
Animation & Post: FEEDMEE Design
Cut: FEEDMEE Design
Camera: Timm Lange
Sound & Music: Loy production
Stuntcoordination: Perfect Action

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Director/photographer Christopher Hewitt has produced some beautiful work this year including the ‘Canon Bring Color to Life’ photos and T.V. spot that were widely circulated across the creative blogosphere a few months back. He has relaunched his site and it is now populated with a few new notable projects including the spot for Nike above.

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“AKQA San Francisco asked PostPanic to help create a unique 10th anniversary thank you film to more than 1 million Google AdWords clients worldwide. The agency’s idea was to individually address each of the clients by incorporating their company name in the film visuals. PostPanic took on the challenge of creating the main film which would then be handed over complete to Google’s customization agency for clients’ name integration. Director Mischa Rozema developed AKQA’s script to include a fictitious Google research department trying out ambitious experiments to feature each advertiser. A combination of live action and vfx, the footage was filmed by PostPanic in around Google HDQ in California, before being brought back for post in Amsterdam.”

You can gather up full credits for the project here.

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