Alejandro Fuentes A.K.A. Los Fokos has an unusual style that is a mixed bag of influences and cultural references. The resulting drawing-meets-vector-graphic results are vivid and unusual. He has updated with new work and a new website. You can also browse some of his work via his Behance-folio. My only bone to pick is that I would absolutely love to see the rest of the image above but you can’t scroll down to see it while browsing on a smaller screen. The reason I want to see it though is because it looks amazing.

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We Are The Friction is a book of illustration and short fiction created by 12 pairs of international writers and illustrators. It’s the second book edited, designed and published by Sing Statistics, the collaborative concern of Jez Burrows and Lizzy Stewart.

The book paired writers with illustrators, both established and emerging in their disciplines. Each then produced new work inspired by the work of their partner: stories from illustrations, and illustrations from stories. The result is an erratic, eclectic collection of work that takes in space travel, Japanese deities, monster husbandry, and the Marx Brothers.”

More projects like this please. It utilizes an international cast of really talented people, all working in hand to both inspire eachother and the reader with some genuinely considered and original creativity. What a simple and great idea. And it’s available at a reasonable price to boot.


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Illustrator Jan Kallwejt has updated yet again with a new website containing imagery from several new and recent projects. It’s once again full of simple, inspiring vectory-goodness.

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There is some beautiful work in the Flickr-folio of Spanish illustrator/artist Lagolo who seems comfortable seamlessly moving from pen and paper to digital.

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Daniel Conway is only 23 and already digital illustrating like a pro. The piece above is really stunning. I need to take a digital painting class.

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I just stepped in from having lunch with Mario Hugo and his partner at Hugo & Marie. They are really lovely people, and I was flattered just to be able to share a meal with them and just talk. Mario is one of those few artists who possesses the kind of genuine talent that has allowed him crossover success within the art, illustration and contemporary design world. I am a big personal fan of everything he puts his hand to.

We had a lengthy discussion about the nature of the art and design world as well as the current trends in the blogosphere. Mario had some interesting and strong opinions. It’s always refreshing to actually get to meet people that you look up to face to face and pick their brain.

They have been on a bit of a wild ride since starting Hugo & Marie but have been amazingly smart about the people they have so far chosen to represent. They have a truly amazing roster of unique individuals under their umbrella so far. Those choices have so far allowed them to work with some ‘dream’ clientele within the music and entertainment world.

It’s always a blessing to see truly passionate and talented people doing what they love and experiencing success. There is nothing more inspirational than witnessing people living their dreams.

The last 2 times we have met, they have given me some prints from some of their artists and illustrators. Today I was handed prints from one of their newest illustration talent Merjin Hos. The prints are nothing short of beautiful and will definitely find their way onto a wall in my home. You can see Hos’s work at Hugo & Marie’s website or at his personal site.

If you are currently seeking art, design or illustration talent for your next big project, then look no further. Not only will you be getting the best, you will also be working with some genuinely nice people. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Thank you Jennifer and Mario.

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Nomono is the work of Chilean graphic designer and illustrator Cristóbal Schmal who now lives and works in Barcelona.

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There is some stunning examples of imaginative vector illustration in the portfolio of Moscow-based, Zutto.

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Get evil with Norwegian (correction on behalf of the readers) American illustrator Justin Bartlett.

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Helsinki-born, Barcelona-based illustrator Pietari Posti has updated with both a new website and an entirely new storefront. Good stuff.

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Beautiful comic book art, comic book inspiration and artistic inspiration all served up by the Flickr-folio and pages of Ernest Borg 9 who is also known as Paul Pope or Pulphope. You can also see more at his blog.

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Charlene Chua, that’s ‘choo-wah’ to you, was raised in Singapore and began working first as a web designer in 1998. From there she worked for some very large agencies but decided to pursue illustration in 2003 and taking the full time leap in 2006. It’s a good thing she did because she is very good at what she does.

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Kazuki Takamatsu creates some of the most unusual and quietly contemplative black and white illustrations I have seen in a very long time. They are like a frozen moment from a strange dream and each one is wildly gorgeous.

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“Born in Israel in 1973, Noma Bar studied graphic design and typography at the Jerusalem Academy of Art & Design. He has been based in London since 2001. In 2003, Bar received his first national magazine commission from Time Out London, and since then he has worked for an array of media clients, including the BBC, Random House, The Observer, The Economist and Wallpaper.”

His work can currently be seen at his rep’s website, Dutch Uncle. Noma’s ‘negative space’ illustrations have been circulating the creative blogosphere over the last few weeks for the simple reason that most of them are just brilliant.

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Steph Baxter is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Leeds. She likes proverbs and she likes illustrating them even more.

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Malaysian graphic designer/illustrator Tang YauHoong has a robust Flickr-folio brimming over with adept illustration and design work.

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Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini A.K.A. Alvarejo was born in Spain but now lives in Chile. He has had several clever illustrations published on Threadless t-shirts and is looking for a gig in the states. Hire this guy already.

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Although Austrian illustrator/designer, Marek Haiduk has never been featured on the blog, now is a better time than ever as his portfolio has just been updated.

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