French photographer Matthieus Soudet is filling his amazing portfolio with dark, brooding and beautiful imagery both for himself and his clients.

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Sonia & Mark Whitesnow are a Russian photography duo based out of the small town of Kirov. They have some very unusual and surreal portraiture in their Behance portfolio that makes great use of both lighting and makeup.

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Osma is a young Finnish photographer based out of Helsinki working primarily in the fashion industry. He’s got a raw personal style that is a touch washed out and dreamy. He has some lovely images in his book and knows how to frame his subjects to maximize composition.

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Finnish Photographer Jonas Lundqvist has an immaculate portfolio of images captured primarily for the fashion industry. He’s comfortable with a range of lighting and an expert at staging his subjects for a powerful effect.

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Therese+Joel is a Finnish/Swedish photography team known for their cinematic, evokative black and white photographs. Their work has gained a strong following lately and is attracting attention in the fashion world.


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Photographer Nick Meek’s work ranges from light and beautiful to dark and mysterious but it all comes wrapped in a strange mystical air. There are many memorable images in his portfolio and it makes it nearly impossible to choose just one to show in a blog post.

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Kim Holtermand updates yet again with even more stunningly gorgeous photography now nestled within a new portfolio website. His work has emerged as some of the most popular on the Behance network and founder Scott Belsky is apparently a big fan of his work.

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You do well to remember the name Louis Lander-Deacon who at the age of 17 is responsible for some absolutely beautiful images. His photography taps into the subconscious in a way that a much older an more accomplished artist could only hope for over the course of a career. There’s no telling where he will go but it will definitely be fun to watch him get there. Keep an eye out.

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Lissy Elle is a very young photographer whose work quickly gained notoriety on Flickr. She has a playful imagination with sometimes subtle dark undertones that shines through in her somehow simultaneously soft yet raw work.

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DarkDaze is the Flickrfolio of photographer Kevin Mason. He is also the founder of and in-house photographer/tutor at Garage Studios. He has some brilliant fashion-based work in his portfolio.

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Tim Navis is a ‘simple dude’ who likes beautiful things and knows how to capture them through the lens of his camera. Sometimes his imagery hints at darker subtexts but there is definitely a beauty throughout his portfolio.

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Chiemgau is the region where DP/cinematographer Mario Feil lives. It’s between Munich and Salzburg in the very south of Bavaria. He compiled this video from several shots gathered from around the region combining slides (real time and timelapse) done with the Kesslercrane Cineslider (Oracle Controller, Electra drive) to create this stunning video with music by Nouvelle Vague.

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Photographer Greg Ponchak has updated his website with some quiet and contemplative new black and white imagery from his travels and life experience. I like how he has used subtle color on his website to single out his imagery as well.

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Behind the considered lens of photographer Eric Ogden even the most vacant of celebrities manage to look introspective and even a little bit interesting.

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Photographer Irina Werning mined a little piece of popular art culture gold when she surmised the simple and seemingly obvious idea for her photo-series titled ‘Back to the Future’. The ‘seemingly obvious’ idea (that you wish was yours) is that by using an old photograph of her subject as a marker to help her restage the exact same environment and expression of the subject allows for a humorous and sometimes inquisitive examination of what really happens as we mature into adulthood.

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Soft, subtle and introspective photographs fill the portfolio of Finnish photographer Helen Korpak. Images that will illicit a brief pause.

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Photographer Miru Kim wanders across cities and apocalyptic demolition sites in a voyage of naked self discovery in a highly introspective and spiritual photographic study.

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Berlin based photographer Robert G Bartholot has a vivid unique style that is attracting big names in the Fashion industry.

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