Well, I couldn’t just be totally partisan and show the Barack Obama video. You need to see the other side, so here is an equally inspiring, albeit in another way, video featuring the big mac, John McCain.

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The Glass Booth is a nice little website that aggregates the positions and views of prominent in-the-running politicians. You can take a quiz, checking off your view on key issues and see how they align with those politicians. It presents an informative way to get a better handle on what your favorite candidate might be saying and how you align with his or her vantage point.

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A group of celebrities and musicians gathered to create this inspiring little diddy about Barack Obama. It is nice to see him gathering some steam. I sure would rather it be him than Hilary come nomination time.And yes, I did cast my vote for him at the caucus.

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McCain swept Florida last night and pundits are already exclaiming he is just a hair away from being crowned the Republican nominee. My personal problem on McCain has been his stance on Iraq. However, I do think if we pulled out all together right now the country would collapse into total chaos. The problem with that is, the war is what created the environment for that collapse in the first place. So now we find ourselves in the catch 22, damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. This is a situation which America seems to have such a penchant for putting themselves in.

Clinton won the Democratic vote by a landslide, which I found a bit disappointing since I have tossed my hat in the ring for Obama. Clinton collected 50% of the votes on the democratic side while Obama reigned in only 33%. Edwards slumped in at 14% and rumors are abounding that he will announce the end of his campaign sometime this evening. That announcement is also a disappointment since he seemed to be one of the few front runners taking a hard line stance on the corrupt nature of the current administration. I guess people are still too brain dead to receive that message.

The good news is that Giuliani’s dumb-ass, to-hell-with-the-middle-strategy, finally blew up in his face. He will bow out tonight as well. I think the guy is nuts, and I am very glad to see him go.

It will be sadly ironic if our nation ends up with the two pro-war, career politicians, with ties to previous administrations that our dumbed-down media predicted we would end up with. If that isn’t an indicator of how screwed up we are in this country, I don’t know what is. It appears the old saying, “Voters get the government they deserve,” may ring true at election time. I am still holding a candle for Obama however and praying we can put a new face on our government.

I hope none of you are asking yourself, “I came here for design news, why should I care about this?” If you are asking yourself that, it’s time to pull your head out of your ass and see the light of day. Get involved and start to care right now. It matters. This is your country. If you are registered, get out there and make your voice heard here in Colorado next Tuesday and think very hard about the decision you make.

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Shepard Fairey has thrown his hat in the ring to endorse Presidential Candidate Barack Obama. He will be selling a poster this Wednesday, January 30th with proceeds going towards posters for a large statewide campaign promoting Obama and his message. If you would like to help with the campaign, email info@obeygiant.com with OBAMA as the subject line to receive further instructions on what you can do to help. Lets hope it helps add more momentum to Obama’s campaign because I too believe he is a candidate who shows real promise and a push towards a positive change for our bruised and battered country. It is time for a real change in this country and I think people can feel it.

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Ah, this Onion editorial made me laugh until I cried and then after I started crying, I just kept on crying as the laughter faded. Jimmy Carter’s got what America needs right here. If only we had listened to him, on a number of things, when we still had the chance.

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Dollars for Euros

So, what exactly has the Iraq war done to our economy besides the glaringly obvious 9 trillion dollar deficit. Well, it is also destabilizing our currency, that’s what. If you think of the Iraq war as a business venture, which I am sure some people in the administration do, then you have to wonder who is profiting here because it most certainly isn’t America. The problem is, the more we spend the more in debt we go, and that doesn’t exactly make us look attractive to lenders. Would you loan someone money who owed 9 trillion? Better yet, would you loan someone who owed 9 trillion and was still in the process of pissing what money that had left down the toilet. Worser still, if that said person actually printed their own currency, would you really trust it’s value?

Well, if you can jive on that simple logic than you can see the systemic problem and also probably envision how it is probably going to get worse before it gets better.

How exactly is the war effecting our currency, well here is a short list. Get ready to trade those Benjamins for Euros and get ready to be beat down at the pump.

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