Slick, simple and unapologetically old school typography marks the portfolio of designer Simon Walker and it’s inspiring in a modern and current way.

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French graphic designer typographer Benjamin Varin has a real love for simple and tasty letterforms. Consequently there is some good looking simple yet colorful and playful type happening throughout his portfolio along with a few individually crafted fonts.

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Alexander Medel Calderón is a designer illustrator typographer residing in Santiago, Chile where he spends time filling his Flickrfolio with some wonderfully colorful typographic creations.

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Wow, designer/typographer Dan Cassaro isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and apply the hand skills to create some of his highly-likable type configurations. He’s got his thing down and it’s looking slick.

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Ryan Frease is currently a senior designer at Alphabet Arm Design in Boston but also accepts freelance commissions. He’s bangin’ out some pretty radical typography including an awesome alphabet for Lettercult’s Alphabattle.

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There is some downright wild type experimentation in the Behance-folio of Bulgarian designer/illustrator/typographer Stefan Chinof. He’s getting in there down to the pixel and pushing all the way into where the eye can barely see.

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Pablo Alfieri updates his Behance-folio with a final overview of typographical works generated for various purposes on 2010. It’s definitely a reason to keep a close eye on him in 2011 to see exactly what might be coming next.

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Richard Perez AKA Skinny Ships redesigned the album covers in his own style for his favorite records released in 2010. It’s a smart little self-promotional project that features some excellent us of typogrpahy.

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Legacy of Defeat‘ is not just a puzzling name but also the custom type foundry of famed vector illustrator Joshua M. Smith AKA Hydro 74 (who appears to have recently changed his home website as well). To roll out his new venture he is offering several fonts for free and they are some excellent display specimens well worth grabbing while he is feeling generous. Thanks Josh, we love us some fonts.

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Typographer Seb Lester wrote in this morning that he has updated both his commercial portfolio as well as his personal storefront with some great new posters. Seb is pretty amazing when about his craft and attention to detail when it comes to typography and everyone at Changethethought is a big fan of his work.

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The golden boy of the moment, Barcelonian typographer, illustrator and graphic designer Alex Trochut has updated with several new works and an entirely new website. It’s time for an old-fashioned design nerdout and I would expect this news to sweep the creative blogosphere like wildfire this week. He’s been busy since his last update and he isn’t afraid to experiment.

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Hungarian designer and typographer Áron Jancsó has recently updated his Flickr-folio with some new and very attractive examples of typographical posters. His use of color and form is really coming together and making for some very inspiring work. He’s definitely worth checking in on from time to time.

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Portuguese designer and typographer André Beato is currently based in London where he concentrates most of his efforts on vector art that has yielded some fun results, specifically in the area of typography.

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Alex Trochut shares his processes, philosophies and ideas about design and primarily illustrative typography with Gestalten.tv for your inspirational pleasure.

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The illustrator living in the lower Haight going by the name ‘Skinny Ships’ has updated his Flickr-folio as of yesterday with some new and extremely fun to look at typography. You gotta love his style. This most recent example is a really interesting mashup of cut and past style type with modernism. It’s an unusual mix but it’s working very well.

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Hand-drawing typographer Jon Contino has stayed at the top of his form lately updating frequently with new and better examples of his uniquely individual touch. There is a little something for everyone in his portfolio and whether your a fan of hand crafted type or not it’s impossible not to appreciate his talent.

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This Fall Nando Costa visited Chile to speak at a design conference called Sudala. For the event, he created a custom typography piece. He captured the creation of the work recording his screen. The recording was later played at the event. The illustration was made with no prior planning and really illustrates just how talented Costa is. We were watching it this afternoon in our studio and were once again impressed by Costa’s genuine talent.

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Sheffield based freelance illustrator Jonny Wan has some wonderful things in his Flickr-folio including some detailed dropcaps. It’s all very vector (and I love vector) but the typography in particular manages to maintain something rustic and contemporary.

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