Paul Barnes is a unique breed of graphic designer specializing in typography and publication design. In the early 90s he worked for Roger Black redesigning Newsweek, U.S. and British Esquire and Foreign Affairs. At the same time he was art directing Esquire Gentleman and U&lc. Later he also art directed Spin.

Since 1995 he has lived and worked in London closely with Peter Saville creating identities for Givenchy, ‘Original Modern’ for Manchester as well as several music-based projects for bands such as New Order, Joy Division, gay Dad and Bjork.

He is a recipient of the Black Pencil from the D&AD and was nominated for the Design Museum ‘Designer of the Year’ in September of 2006 and was named one of the 40 most influential designers under 40 in Wallpaper. The following year the Guardian named him as one of the 50 best designers in Britain.

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Fernando Rodriguez is a graphic designer from Bilbao, Spain with a nice portfolio of illustrative typography that is somewhat reminiscent of Alex Trochut.

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Daren Newman has been busy crafting some absolutely gorgeous hand drawn typography. The arrangement produced above for the Manchester screening of ‘Typeface’ is stunning and recalls the masterful work of Herb Lubalin with a twinge of art nouveau for good measure. You can see his work at his website Me and My Pen or in his Behance portfolio.

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Portuguese graphic designer and typographer Pedro Campiche is founder of the OK! Collective, a platform for creative and artistic projects. He loves typography, illustration, graffiti and photography. If you kind of stewed a little of 123Klan with Parra you can get a little bit of an idea of Campiche’s work but he does offer an interesting meld of influences and is one to watch for future work.

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Sasha Prood graduated in 2007 from Carnegie Mellon University School of Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She takes a hands-on approach to her design and illustration work and as a result has some very nice drawn typography in her portfolio.

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I am really digging the calligraphic stylings of Argentinian typographer Yani Arabena this morning. There is something urban about them but they are accessible enough to be appreciated by people whose tastes lean away from graffiti.

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Prolific and incredibly talented typographer Marian Bantjes is about to release a new book titled ‘I Wonder‘. The book is a combination of philosophical musings and archived blog posts among other bits and bobs re-interpreted through Bantjes skilled graphic hand. As with everything she produces, quality inspiration is guaranteed. You can pre-order the book at a very reasonable price at Amazon.

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Hungarian graphic designer and typographer Áron Jancsó keeps busy by continually updating with yet more and more interesting experiments in the aforementioned fields of creative study.

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Aaron Carambula, Dennis Payongayong, Erik Marinovich, and Jason Wong from Friends of Type have printed and released their first series of beautiful letterpressed posters that combine to create the statement ‘always play amongst friends’. The posters look amazing and you can see more detailed images at For Print Only.

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Bulgarian designer Kliment has created a nice series of typographical posters for the Barcelona series at Show Us Your Type. You can see them in the Kliment Behance-folio.

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Seb Lester is etching an inarguable place in the current annals of typographic history (I do my best to never miss a chance to use the word ‘annals’ when it’s applicable). This latest poster is just fantastic. Seriously amazing work that no doubt took a true commitment to create. You can pick one up in either silver or gold here.

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Brooklyn-based type foundry Village has some really nice type faces available, all of which are loaded with character. They also have some nice goods up for sale featuring their uniquely vibrant brand of typography.

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Lettercult has released their picks for the best of 2009. There are some choice examples of typography on display as expected. Luke Lucas made the list a few times and I have to admit to always being a fan of his work. It makes me realize I need to up my game.

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Neue is an online magazine pieced together through submissions. Each issue is about a different city and asks submitting designers to interpret their city through a typographic poster. The current issues is New York and the next issue is Barcelona. Something tells me Denver won’t make the list.

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London based ‘typo-illustrator’ Sarah A. King has stayed busy and recently uploaded a series of fruits that she actually hand drew typography onto. It’s kind of a bizarre thing to do but the end result was really interesting and definitely not something you see everyday. Eat your words. Literally.

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I posted a link to designer and typographer Sean Freeman just last week to showcase a project he recently completed with Pomme Chan. I didn’t realize however that he had just updated his website with a lot of new work. His type illustrations are top notch and just downright fun to look at which is no doubt because of his commitment to the final product.

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Madrid based Sergio del Puerto, who at the start I believe was on his own has expanded Serial Cut into a larger multi-person studio. They have recently updated their portfolio with new work. Gone are the early touches of 80’s pop influence and now the efforts are more concentrated on typography and 3d. There is some very nice examples of dimensional typography in the recent updates to the body of work.

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My friends at the local (local for me anyway) Boulder, CO design studio Cypher 13 have been really busy this year and continue to push their name into all the right places. They have recently released a couple of new typefaces at Hype For Type that are now available for purchase and download. One of the fonts is a geometric compressed sans-serif while the other is a play on type rendered by liquid crystal displays.

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