The slick people behind Resn are responsible for the mind bending screensaver exercise, Shapeshifter that is oh-so-hard to tear your eyes away from.

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Piet Dewijngaert is a Flash Developer out of Leuven, Belgium whose website has to be more experienced than just viewed. It’s bizarre and maybe even a little irritating but there is no arguing that he is using the website itself as an artistic canvas to literally paint his Flash into.

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Creative Review has built a new and no frills home on the web courtesy (although I am sure it cost more than courtesy) of the Bureau for Visual Affairs.

Link via good ole Computer Love.

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A little Alice In Wonderland remix over 36 rows and 36 columns.

Trippy. Thank you Ryan.

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I woke up to this in my email box this morning:

HelloHikimori™ develops a unique world for Diesel’s new fragrance: Only the Brave
The French creative studio (HKI)™ created a site that not only has all the process of doing Diesel’s latest product, but also has the creative input from different artists like Tofa, Nico Stumpo and Renascent, expressing their visions of force and courage, based on the concepts that “Only the Brave” was born. The site will also gain continuous inputs from artists all over the world, including Peter Jaworowski, Serial Cut, Tom Muller, LaundryMat , Michael Paul Young, Mr.doob, Jemma Hosteler,Suprb, eBoy, MWM ,Lapp Pro, NandoCosta, Combustion, Si Scott, Alex Trochut, Eric Carl.
Following the launching in Berlin, there will be a party on May 15th, in Paris.”

Wow, that is a lot of name-dropping going on there.

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Guess what? Juxt Interactive have updated after a very long time and once again, blog style with no Flash.

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Longtime super web-heavy-hitter Big Spaceship have updated their site with an entirely different and pronounced ‘non-Flash’ look and feel. The site is definitely more functional, but I am on the fence as to whether or not I like it. It definitely punctuates the overall trend of moving Flash into ‘entertainment pockets/buckets’ while going full-boar CSS for containment and functionality.

Regardless of how you might feel about the trend, they are tough to beat though as far as web design and development go.

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Really amazing site housing equally amazing work.

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Kenny Kim

A guest lecture was held at MICA last night by fresh new designer Kenny Kim. Currently working for Droga5 in NYC, Kenny is doing some really slick work for some major clients, just two years out of school! Featured above, an interactive web campaign for the new Puma shoe, Lift.

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My good friends at Cypher13 and Joyengine launched a new application this week called Tweeeeet Design that allows you to follow the Twitter accounts of some of the most followed designers out there in cyberspace. It’s pretty cool to be able to take in an overview of what everyone is thinking out there.

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Just when you start to think that Flash experimentation is at a standstill someone like Cartelle comes along and just has fun with it. None of it is necessarily new but that doesn’t mean playing around with it isn’t still a really great time.

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Paul Neave has relaunched his digital playground with some really beautiful work.

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The really fine people at Suprb decided to spread a little Holiday cheer in the form of a really slick WordPress theme called Grid-a-licious. I would love to do something similar for the next version of Changethethought. I am still looking at different possibilities for how to redesign the new site in 09 and the idea behind this theme is really cool. If anything it would be a great theme for displaying your personal portfolio site.

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Thrashin Santa

Check out the holiday promo from Minneapolis based Sevnthsin.

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Cobra Creative is keeping Flash alive with one of the most bad-ass homepages I have seen in a while. They have an all new website stocked full of new work as well.

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Slick Flash work and web development from Pablo Pinasco. So rarely do I post anything about web design which is ironic considering I spent nearly 4 years as a Flash developer and haven’t been able to bring myself to write a function since. I used to have nightmares in Actionscript. It takes a unique individual to be good at it and still keep his sanity.

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My friend and local Denver web designer/developer Joe Mease has relaunched his website. Joe is one of Denver’s best kept secrets and has developed sites for some of the best agencies in the city. He also happens to be a incredibly nice guy and you just absolutely cannot miss if you are looking for a consistently amazing Flash developer.

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Heavy-web hitter Firstborn has relaunched their site and it is full of tasty web design goodness.

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