Alright, this is a rare pop culture related post but this kid really caught my attention as he seems to have a lot of people. He’s 2 years old and was up to 40 packs a day but supposedly now down to 15. People would come from all over his Sumatran village to peep his mad smokin’ steez. Relax, I am being sarcastic.

I know, it’s like watching a train wreck not to mention the kid is a natural born ham (pun intended). I just think this is one of those rare sign-o-the-times videos that Banksy or someone such as needs to incorporate into a solid art piece. This kid handed the pop-culture-relevance over on a smokey silver platter.

written by Christopher

4 Responses to “Chain Smoking Baby”

  1. chase smith Says:

    this child is my hero

  2. TalkingToTheGround Says:

    Freakin’ disgusting.

  3. zeronator Says:

    This is quite saddening. Who/where are the parents and how did this child become accustomed to inhaling cigarette smoke so easily? It’s frightening. So much for “It takes a village’.

  4. Anya Henly Says:

    SERIOUSLY? That two year old kid from Indonesia who smokes 40 cigarettes is OUT OF HIS MIND. Someone needs to smack his parents in the head, or just throw them into the ocean I saw the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TOtoVEJSTU

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