In a way I feel like I should apologize for running a blog about creativity and culture, then speaking so much about politics. I can’t apologize though because the entire world is watching what is happening in the U.S. right now and I think it is one of the most important political moments in American history. The obvious reason is because for the first time ever we have a woman and a racially mixed candidate running for the most important office in the country. The second reason is because if they win the nomination they are strongly viable for taking office. The third and more ethereal reason is because America has faultered on the global stage. We have made horrible decisions in the past 8 years that have cost both ourselves and the rest of the world dearly. We have to change course dramatically and pick up the pieces. The whole world is hoping we do so.

Right now tonight as I type, Obama has decisively won the nomination in North Carolina and the final results in Indiana are too close to call. You can listen to his speech in North Carolina where he refuses to compromise his integrity and pander. He had done this all along and his speech tonight was again truly inspiring.

Indiana has historically been a racially charged state and despite this marred history numbers are rolling in that could potentially determine where this election will go. I personally feel this is very symbolic and it says a lot about where the American mindset is and our determination to turn things around and change course. The best I have hoped could come out of the dark days of the last 8 years is a renewed unification in this country to join together as a nation and turn things around.

Obama has maintained his integrity throughout this grueling campaign and if he does win this nomination I can guarantee you it will get much worse when (and if) he starts campaigning against McCain. I hope for the benefit for the country this is all weighing heavily upon Clinton’s psyche. I feel the people are speaking here and there are lines being drawn between all the polarities in America, the young, the old, the rich, the poor, the urban, the rural, the working class and the elite.

Frankly, in my extremely humble, young and working class American opinion, it is time for something new. With that said, there is only one candidate left that to me still represents something new. By new, I do not mean just the physically obvious, I mean diplomatically, I mean philosophically and I mean politically.

The old Chinese proverb has come to fruition. ‘May you live in interesting times’ and here we are. Regardless of what happens, I believe in the American people and I will continue to hope for the best for all of us. These are important times we find ourselves in and I think we are beginning to realize that we are finding ourselves in these times together.

written by Christopher

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  1. richard feldman Says:

    Quote from VF . “In less than a year, the Bush administration will strut out of office, leaving the
    country in roughly the same condition a toddler leaves a diaper .”

  2. Bijan Says:

    I really respect you and your dedication towards Obama, especially your support for him as a Graphic Designer. It has truly inspired me.

  3. Christopher Says:

    Thank you for that. I have kind of put myself on the line a little bit for him but I think if people feel strongly about an issue, this is a free country, you are welcome to exercise your right and speak openly about your convictions.

    Some people don’t like the work I have done for Obama and some people don’t like Obama either. I don’t expect for everyone to like what I have done and I don’t expect everyone to like Obama or agree with me either. I just think this election is really important and people, artists and designers in particular have kind of kept out of politics for too long now. Especially in the last several years that I think have been really an attack on our rights as Americans and an attack on reason itself. Art has been used as a form of revolt for centuries and why now, with all the resources and ability to create at such a rapid rate, would we turn away from that now?

    I encourage anyone and everyone to do the same. Get involved. Be honest. If you are for McCain or Clinton, make posters for them and spread the word for why you think they should be elected. We need debate again in this country at the public level. I think overall we have just been kind of sleepwalking for a while now and the world has suffered the consequences of that. It’s time to wake up and start exercising our rights again. Doing so creatively is a powerful way to take that stance. No matter what your opinion is.

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