So today is my birthday. My wife is gone in Brasil. She’s actually flying to Rio tonight to spend the next few days there. It’s kind of a lonely birthday and it’s my last before becoming a father in February. So I guess it’s a bit of a benchmark, but one I am experiencing alone so it’s hard not to be a little contemplative. So much has happened already this year that it has been hard to stay on top of everything. I left my job as an Art Director after 4 years at Cactus. I then embarked on the crazy startup phase of officially opening the Changethethought production studio for business. It took nearly 3 months to finally completely finish remodeling the studio which aside from one granite countertop and sink was done entirely by me and my initial business partner. Not long after I found out my wife was pregnant. Then only 3 short weeks ago my new and amazingly talented partner Mike Slane informed me he was moving out from San Diego to join me after working the last two years for Shilo.

So now here we are, crunching it as hard as we can go day-by-day to get the studio off the ground and support our families. It’s been tough so far and we both know it is going to take time to build our list of clients and begin introducing ourselves and our work to agencies. We are new to all of this so we are still feeling our way but we are not new to producing creative. We know what we are capable of in that arena.

So after all of these changes, it’s almost impossible to imagine where I will be and what will be happening 1 year from today. I know I will be a dad and I know I will be a husband. Aside from that, who knows. The best part of starting a new business is that each day is a new adventure and that continues to be rewarding.

Thank you all for tuning into the blog for one more year and for all of your support. What I really want for my birthday is a new project to work on but meeting the people I have met through this blog and communicating with such a richly talented and passionate audience has been the best present I could ever ask for.

Expect much more this next year. We are only just beginning what Changethethought will one day become.

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18 Responses to “Changethethought – Birthday”

  1. John Camalick Says:

    happy birthday big guy.

  2. Brandon Says:

    Happy B day. Old Fart :)

  3. Pablo Majernik Says:

    Happy Birthday Christopher and hang in there! Also, a congratulations for becoming a new daddy. I’ve been following the blog for several years now and I admire much of your work as well as the work of others you showcase. There is no doubt your in my mind your studio will rock it. Stay up!

  4. allen Says:

    Happy Birthday! If I can get away for a night this weekend I’d like to hang out.

  5. Elysia Says:

    You have come so far in this past year and the next one will be incredibly amazing. You will look back on it and smile at what you have learned and experienced and it will seem like a lifetime ago. Congrats on everything and happy birthday!

  6. Brian Says:


    I, too, have been following this blog for a few years. It has been my homepage since the first day I found it. Your posts inspire me every morning and I feel as though my visual vocabulary has been dramatically influenced by what you produce as well as what you post. It’s a thrilling and terrifying process to embark on a new journey, so keep your eyes open and use every day to the fullest of your capability. I am in the same position- I have a tremendous prospect ahead of me. I just moved from Colorado to New York to study at the School of Visual Arts. During my time in Colorado, I always wanted to visit the Changethethought studio and meet you to put a face to all the artwork. Perhaps we will meet somewhere down the line.

  7. professor hush Says:

    I can’t remember how I initially navigated to your site. Apparently that link provider wasn’t as memorable because I have been a regular visitor here ever since. You are an excellent curator. I am inspired by the content you provide & I often reccomend your site to others. There are plenty of options to choose from for this type of information and I’m up to but I believe the reason I choose your location is simply because your personal presence here is quite refreshing. This site has a slick, sophistocated, & beatiful atmosphere sans the obnoxious commentary and condescending attitude that all too often appears alongside said adjectives. So, basically what I’m saying is, thanks for keeping it fresh, thanks for keeping it real. I hope that inner quality of yours remains the same with each and every ppassing accomplished goal. Good luck (not that you need it) & happy birthday!

  8. Scott David Brown Says:

    Happy birthday :)
    I must say you and you’re blog are truely inspirational. As a regular visitor of this site i wish you all the best for the future. So again happy birthday(bit late i know), and good luck :)

  9. TalkingToTheGround Says:

    Best art blog ever. Happy birthday dude, keep being awesome, and I hope some great and challenging works comes your way soon!

  10. Christopher Says:

    Holy crap. Wow. Thank you for such sincere and personal comments. I can’t even begin to describe how much that means especially in such a fast moving environment where truth and sincerity are traded and given away so cheaply. I am just trying to live a meaningful life as a creative person. That means building a life, my marriage, my family and my business. Early on, I saw the internet as a truly unique and amazing way to connect with other people and this blog has been a big experiment with that idea. Hearing comments like this means a lot to me and it’s that kind of thing that makes me want to try even harder and do even more.

    Thank you so much all of you. It’s an amazing thing to share thoughts, ideas, emotions and to do that sincerely across states and continents. I am totally and utterly humbled to be even a teeny tiny little piece of something like that and only pray that I can do more as I go on.

    Here’s to another year at the very very least.

  11. Xavier Says:

    Happy brithday ! Keep rocking Christopher – god save change the thought !

  12. Andrei Says:

    Happy birthday!

  13. João Says:

    Happy birthday! I really love your blog… thanks for being the inpiration of many young designers.

  14. Eli Says:

    Happy birthday old boy! Changethethought has been one of the only places I have consistently found myself at for the past few years. I wish you great success in all facets of your life. It sounds like you’re in a pretty exciting place right now!

  15. Mr.28 Says:

    Happy Birthday squire! I check the site every day because it’s the best. Keep up the good work :)

  16. Lucian Lupu Says:

    Happy birthday, Christopher! I love changethethought.com, and I made sure every friend mine knows about it! keep it up

  17. Madera Says:

    Happy Birthday Christopher!!!

  18. KIKO Says:

    HI, I LIVE AND WORK IN RIO…read it by accident, i was looking for political gifs and this magical gif by someone you write about in the blog and i came across the word brasil written comme il faut and read your birthday piece, which is touching and your fatherhood is now almost an adult……i also worked as a skeleton for some cultural something that became bigger than imagined and saw my footprints being erased…you know it’s there … but it’s not …. peace!

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