I finished my Omega Code poster today and sent it off to their open call for submissions. I was super impressed with what people were creating and really wanted to be a part of it. I designed the poster to specs, sized at B1 (close to 24 x 36 inches) at 300 dpi. There were close to 80 layers in and it weighed in at almost 7 gigs. Photoshop wouldn’t even allow me to save it at one point so I had to go back through and crunch everything just to be able to save it.

I actually really like their music and wanted to create something a little darker that suggested mysticism. I felt like something like that was really appropriate for their sound. A lot of my work used to slant to the darkside, and I have lightened up a lot in the last few years. Mellowing with age I guess but I still remember my rock days of lore. So when called upon I can bring the heavy metal thunder.

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6 Responses to “Changethethought for Omega Code”

  1. nick Says:

    this rocks man!! hope is gonna go in the book. definitely one of the best i’ve seen so far. \M/

  2. Chris Says:

    Thanks man. I appreciate that. You have some great work at your behance page.

    Yeah, there are some really amazing posters already created for this though. I hope it gets in there too but there is some exceptional work on display already.

  3. Maggie Says:

    woww that’s really intense. a 7gig poster. well done!! i love the depth!

  4. Sam Says:

    Wow this is awesome, a lot of the Fan stuff is better than the selected artists work. Especially yours, it’s incredible. What type of machine are you running to handle a 7gig file?

  5. Christopher Cox Says:

    I started the poster on a Macbook Pro and then finished it on my G5 at work. It was huge before I finished it on the G5 but putting the final touches on it made the file massive. I was really worried I wouldn’t even be able to save it. I hope the band digs it.

  6. Michael Lonergan Says:


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