I created two more Changethethought ‘message’ posters last week. I wanted to try to create something timeless, yet stylish that looks as though it could either be current or could have been created years back. The font is entirely custom. It is a variant of the font I created for the Barack Obama posters that some people loved and others hated. I have since refined the font greatly to make it my own.

These posters will most likely be silkscreened on heavy paper, natural tone stock for the chocolate poster and white for the lime poster. I have been receiving a lot of emails lately requesting posters. I have not printed any officially yet but there should be some available near the end of this summer. I will let everyone know when they are in the storefront.

It’s been great just working with pure typography again lately. I almost forgot how much I love type. I have a new image series in the works however and that will be on the site sometime in the next few weeks. Lots of things going on. Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to “Changethethought – Message Posters”

  1. alex Says:

    i was jusy wondering wot type is that?

  2. Christopher Cox Says:

    Its something I created custom. I just built it in Illustrator. I originally created it for some of the Obama. I constructed it so the geometry was really precise. It made it easier to apply it to a grid. I don’t know if I will every actually release the family or not.

  3. poste type « design it*s you Says:

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