Well next week will somewhat unofficially mark our first week as a fully functioning design studio. I am being joined by some very amazing people whom I did not expect to be embarking on this journey with so early on. We will be capable in graphic design, motion graphics, illustration, branding, art direction, package design and web design. We are all really excited for what the future may bring.

We finally finished painting this week and had some really great lighting installed. The cabinets, countertops and baseboard molding are being installed next week. After that we are officially finished with the studio renovations. I will upload some pictures when all is complete.

I snapped a quick little iPhone pic of my desk for now. And yes, that is my original Castle Grayskull from childhood sitting next to my teen bodybuilding trophy. If you are interested in hiring us for a project, I’d be happy to open up Castle Greyskull so we can get in a nice He Man playtime session while I tell you all about my brief foray into bodybuilding. That should be enough to make you interested in commissioning us right off.

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10 Responses to “Changethethought News”

  1. celeste Says:

    Looks promising :)

  2. Stellan Says:

    good luck!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. Matthew Pham Says:

    Ha! The first thing I thought when I looked at this post was “Is that Castle Grayskull???”.
    Did you end up working out the LRG issue?

  4. Christopher Cox Says:

    Yep. Everything turned out fine and your damn right that’s Castle Greyskull. I have this huge box full of He-Man, GI Joes and Transformers. I guess my mom had them stored away and was waiting until my midlife crisis to return them to me.

  5. spencer Says:

    Congrats Chris! Much luck to you!

  6. will Says:

    we have those same chairs in our conference room.

  7. Christopher Says:

    Eames Management chairs or Eames Aluminum Group. Comfy and pricey.

  8. Eddie Nappo Says:

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  9. Build chest muscles Says:

    I always choose to increase muscle for my upper body.

  10. Christopher Says:

    Hey ‘Build Chest Mucas’. I’ll be honest and say that I prefer to work my muscle in my downstairs mixup from time-to-time if you know what I’m sayin’.

    But thanks for the comment spam anyway.

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