I made this very late last night. It has been an ongoing effort of mine, both with this blog and in my life, to try to help facilitate a more open culture and dialogue between not only creatives, but people, specifically young people, in general. We are suffering from a me-me-me, survival of the fittest mentality in the United States that is slowly eroding our integrity abroad and whittling away at our relationships both with each other and our brothers and sisters abroad. I know something so miniscule as creating a poster doesn’t exactly help to shift this paradigm, but it is an immediate form of creative that I am capable of, and at least can help to create a somewhat memorable typographic image that can help burn something simple and iconic into memory. That was what I was thinking when I created this poster last night very late before sleep. I think we are forsaking style right now for message and we need to remember that it is about communication. We have to do all we can to make things better, in whatever way we can.

With that said, I was fairly pleased with how the poster came out and felt that it was the message that was the most important. I hope you dig it. If you don’t, that’s fine too. We are all cut from a different stone and that is what makes life so great. Regardless, please know that I sincerely believe it is going to take us all, being totally transparent and honest with one another, to change the world we live in now and make it somewhere that we can remain in the future. We need eachother to do this and expressing this creatively is a small and subtle psychological way that we can help move the needle on the culture dial towards the proper direction. I encourage you to do the same.

I also wanted to thank all of you for reading the blog. Good comments and bad, it is a growing experience everyday and it has been really exciting and fun engaging with you day after day. The internet is an amazing tool, and I do think it will play an important part in our future in allowing us to speak to eachother, honestly, despite our derailed leadership. I think we can find a way, together to take this world back and make it better. I really do.

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  1. Alicia Says:

    This poster is wonderful, any chance it will be for sale?

  2. idealist Says:

    I love it / we love it
    Thanks for sharing such nice works and words

  3. Christopher Says:

    Yes definitely. I would like to make a lot of these posters available for sale soon. I took out a small loan to print out my last round of t-shirts and have yet to pay it all back. It has made me a little leary about printing posters so far. It was my own fault for not paying the loan back right away though. I do want to make these available though eventually. That’s the idea. I kind of feel bad about selling this one though because ‘selling’ is kind of in direct conflict with the message. I think what I may do when I start printing these is offer a certain amount of money to different charities for each poster so there would be a portion of each sale going towards something meaningful. I may choose those charities myself or poll my readers to tell me what they would like to see money go towards.

  4. Helen Says:

    the message is wonderful!

  5. lady Says:

    I just started reading this blog a few weeks ago. It would be enough just to have the consitent, massive amounts of great work you highlight. Lucky for us, you have a social conscience as well. I appreciate this continual reminder that designers (and everyone else) have responsibilities beyond the material/commercial world.

  6. lady Says:



  7. Christopher Says:

    Thanks for the nice comments guys. Spread the love. The world needs it right now.

  8. kyle Says:

    this is amazing. I would totally be wiling to purchase a print. I am happy to see someone else speaking out about our countries fast decent into self destruction. This sickness of “me-ism” is so abundant in our younger generation. I can only place my hope in God, He is the ruler over all.


  9. Allen Boe Says:

    I dig the poster, it’s pretty sweet. I think this “WE” message is pretty misguided though. The idea of “WE-ISM” is far more likely to promote pain and suffering though out the world. WE-ISM is the message behind NAFTA, behind the concept of a new world order, the reason Americia justifies all these damn wars, and ships our production jobs over seas. The idea that all the world deserve the same rights and same prosperity is insane, and it is promoted through this message of “WE”. The truth is we only all deserve one thing, our freedom to make what we will of this world. If you’re not willing to fight for your freedom to be your own person you don’t deserve your freedom, because the truth is you probably aren’t capable of handling it. This “WE-ISM” message is the same line off bullshit that led our troops right in to Iraq to free the helpless people from an evil dictator. It is a message of unintended consequences that digs us deeper and deeper into a hole we will not be able to climb out of.

    It doesn’t matter if the guy in office has a D or an R behind their name. If they can’t see that they only have two jobs while in office which is to obey the constitution and protect us from invasion. Then we will always be nut deep in war and spite from other countries. We are a REPUBLIC not a DEMOCRACY, we simply have a democratically elected group of people who are supposed to stand up for our rights to do what we will with our own lives as long as we don’t hurt others in the process. We are country of laws not of special interests. We are supposed to trade with other countries and give them our good will, not our good jobs.

    Until the individual, the “Me” steps up and says, “I’m in control of my successes and my failures. I am in control of how I treat others and their property. I affect this world, and I always have a choice, no matter what my upbringing or what others think of me. I deserve no special treatment but would rather succeed on my own.” There will be no chance of a “we” coming together and doing anything that really helps this world. Because there will always be someone with their hand out, filled with a misguided entitlement that they deserve something more than the next guy.

  10. Christopher Says:

    Wow man, I honestly don’t think you could have been further off the mark of what I was trying to say by creating this poster. If people don’t unite in a common goal to stop the corruption that is polluting our society and come together to stop the rampant destruction of our environment, we are all in trouble. When everyone is threatened, the significance of the individual is reduced and replaced by the needs of the group to unify and work to guarantee the survival of the civilization. I think it is a common threshold that other beings in the universe have most likely had to cross at one point or another and if that threshold is not crossed successfully and in unison, we are all lost. I still believe that each of us is important and unique and that the rights of the individual must be protected. I am not talking about socialism or bringing down democracy. I am talking about things extenuating beyond the barrier of politics and policies, I am talking about the overall survival of the human race. I am talking about agreeing to disagree but working together when we must to ensure there is a world for all of us to inhabit together. If we don’t agree to do that at some point in our history, our individual rights will be totally meaningless and it will be as if we were never here.

  11. allen boe Says:

    Hey man what monster is out there that you think we all need to fight? The real monster is this collective notion that we need to do SOMETHING. It’s our constant need to fix crap as a civilization that causes most of the crap we then need to fix later. What we really need to do is just leave people the hell alone and stop telling them they need to think or do or be anything other than individuals. The environment is a simple fix, give it ten years and there will be a new take on the end of the world. When my parents were kids it was an impending Ice-Age, then when you and I were kids it was the Cold War, then soon after that it was the hole in the ozone layer, now it’s Man-Bear-Pig. Maybe the “Scientists” who have all there stocks in the green economy aren’t biased, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Certain parties need to create a shift in the collective conscience to make more money. So they invent an impending doom to try to create a new economy and exploit that fear financially. Fear breads hate and intolerance and a fearful WE starts wars and ends civilizations. WE need to keep a cool head leave people the hell alone. Now don’t get me wrong I totally whole heartedly believe it is in all of our best interest and specifically of the individual to not pollute and do the best that he or she can to keep their environment clean. But outside of me doing my part I feel I have absolutely no right to tell your or anyone else how to live. And I would hate for anyone to join some silly club over it.

  12. Tommy Says:

    Sir chris! Oh i enjoy your thought/visual mash up, it is splendid to hear this in the current post
    modern days. I grow tired of no looks on side walks with headphones blocking the world out and
    materialism holding sway in the identities of younger and younger generations. Please let me know when you print on any format of this, i’ll purchase and share for sure! BRAVO!

  13. maría Says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog (sorry about my english…) I’m spanish girl and I love your desing! and, of course, I love the message inside! fantastic blog, guy! kiss from Spain 😉

  14. Jonathan Grey Says:

    Not trying to be a complete dick.. but you knocked this graphic off.

  15. Jonathan Grey Says:

    except for your color choices (which are really nice). This is a straight boosted graphic. Or maybe its just a coincidence.

  16. Christopher Cox Says:

    Not to be a dick but no I didn’t.

    The message came from Obama but I designed this back in 2008 without any reference late one night while watching TV.

    I have no clue who you think I stole it from.

  17. Jonathan Grey Says:

    Like I politely said, “Or maybe its just a coincidence”. The original message has been used repeatedly so its hard to say its origin. I first heard it in the military in the 90’s. This guy claims to have come up with it: http://celticshub.com/2009/10/05/remember-we-not-me-an-illinois-man-says-it-was-his-idea/. What originality means is not my biggest concern. I just was really shocked when I saw your graphic. I used that in my fashion brand on the linings of my jackets, Graphics on Tee’s and in all kinds of branding and merchandising. The brand Sovereign Code shipped nationwide, Canada (Nordstroms, Bloomingdales,… Blah blah blah. My point is I have subconsciously been inspired before many times. Arts art. My lined was designed in 07 and hit the floors all through 08-09. I have several versions of the exact same graphic. Give me an email and I’ll just send you my original sketch. We’re all connected so it is quite possible that it is just coincidence.

  18. Christopher Cox Says:

    I’d call it a coincidence if it looks like something else. I custom designed that font in illustrator. And I’ve never heard of the brand Sovereign Code before. I had to search Google to see if it existed. I have heard of that We Not Me guy though. He tried to sue Adidas for using that statement for a campaign they did for the Celtics a few years ago. He went after Obama too for using it in a speech which is where I first heard it. As far as the graphic, typography style and color go though, that was me. I have never seen anything else like it unless someone lifted it from my design. You can email me through the email address in the cintact section of this site but I can guarantee you that I have absolutely no clue what you are referencing as far as you clothing brand goes.

  19. Christopher Cox Says:

    Sorry for my crappy writing, trying to type on my phone.

  20. Jonathan Grey Says:

    I never thought it was intentional because of the level of the artist you are. I did mine by hand then cleaned it up in PS then Vector in AI. They’re practically identical. I’ll send you my original scan in the form of a screen shot. I didn’t mean to offend but I am sure if the tables were turned you would at least be as curious as myself. Take care-

  21. Jonathan Grey Says:

    oh and… SoverignCode.com, SocialClubusa.com is another brand I do. I’ve always been more fashion then graphic but I guess this proves I have some good taste in graphics-

  22. Jonathan Grey Says:

    Also I may have just skipped over it but I can’t seem to find just a regular email address on your contact page. just the comment box.

  23. James Machray Says:

    Would love to buy a print – can I buy? Very moving! JM

  24. Dana Says:

    Hi Christopher, I just came back to this post after seeing this print years ago. Kudos for a beautiful design – – – it stuck in my head so many years later. Like the last comment, I’m hoping you’ve made these available somewhere for purchase?

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  27. Gemma Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really
    appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your
    further write ups thank you once again.

  28. Ana Says:

    Hi! Great work. I would love to buy it! Is for sale? contact me!

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