I stumbled across this amazing collection of carefully curated art in the flickr account of Sarcoptiform via But Does It Float. There is just some really amazing work happening in the collection. I was crazy inspired. I cannot wait to pick up the pencil tomorrow. Some of the work made my brain want to jump out of my head.

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3 Responses to “Crazy Amazing Art”

  1. ade Says:

    if im not mistake the two of picture above were moebius work.

  2. Christopher Says:

    Ade, yeah that is Moebius’ work. I pulled those because I thought people that read Ctt would like them but there is some really great and more abstract/psychedelic work in the collection that is worth checking out.

  3. Shaun Says:

    The third is definitely Roger Dean. The others look very similar to his style as well…

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