Alright, this may seem like an odd request but I am currently in the running as a contestant on a very interesting reality television show about the power of social networking. I need to beef up on my Facebook friends for the show. So if you could be so kind and click here, I would be happy to be your pal. If it makes you feel a little better about the deal, the Changethethought RSS is fed through my Facebook page which gives you one more option for consuming the information. I appreciate your support and I am going to be asking your help if I make it on the show. That’s all I can say about it now but as soon as I know more you will too.

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  1. Christopher Says:

    Thank you so very much for all of the kind people that friended me. I really appreciate it. You guys are awesome and this strange little exercise in blogging, networking and information exchange has sparked some amazing relationships in my life and taken me down a path I didn’t expect. It’s wonderful, positive and exciting. I sincerely consider you my friends and I hope to meet at least a few of you face-to-face in the coming years. Thank you so much.

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