I saw Iron Man over the weekend and it was fantastic. It really was a great movie. Pure entertainment.

Something that jumped out at me was the closing credits. They were spectacularly designed and invoked memories of Tron from my youth. It was a testament to the amount of work put into the movie that they didn’t even stop at the credits.

The sequence was designed by Motionographer Danny Yount working for the really amazing motion firm Prologue. It’s a great sequence that makes you think future but calls on inspiration for the past. The combination of the two is what makes it classic.

You can watch it in high quality here.

Full Credits
Title designer: Danny Yount
Design & Animation: Ilya Abulhanov, Danny Yount, Alex Hansen, DongHo Lee, Dave Rinder
Compositing & Finishing: Anthony Mabin
Post Supervisor : Seth Kleinberg
Producer : Ellen Stafford
Executive Producer : Kyle Cooper

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  2. Bijan Says:

    Yeah I definitely noticed the design work during the credits, loved the feel of the colors. Great summer movie.

  3. robertbeck79 Says:

    i want to know when or where i can get the tech drawings of iron man to have as a screensaver and/or wallpaper for my computer… if you could help me out it be awesome….i cant find anything online and the credits i loved…..

  4. Retro Illustration at the Movies : unquiet.heart Says:

    […] Prologue. I highly recommend checking out both sites; there is some great work to look at. Also, Changethethought has a link to the full Iron Man closing credits […]

  5. Tony Burke Says:

    I have been a fan of Iron Man since reading the comics as a child. I have passed the passion on to my son who loved the film and is now going to get loads of Iron Man toys for his birthday next week. HE IS IRON MAN!

    I thought the film was great, the closing credits where cool. I don’t get to the cinema much now having three kids so I tend to milk it a little and stay right to the end!

    Will have to clear out all those transformers now. They are so last year!

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  6. kovano jelyazo Says:

    wow!!! better than the light up lightsabers! :p

  7. Freedom Of Sketch » Slow Motion at The Movies Says:

    […] suck) with some GREAT opening or closing credits. Examples would be Danny Yount’s work on “Iron Man” last year and of course the simple yet effective Bat Logo burning at the start of “The Dark […]

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