David Schleinkofer mostly paints fine art and landscape piece now. He explains in his Flickr profile that painting for Sci-Fi dried up in the 90’s with the introduction to the computer. He prefers to work by hand and finds the computer too frustrating of a medium. He loves the tactility of paint. Here’s to hoping we could get him to pick up that brush and knock out some space men again.

Regardless, you can still see some of his amazing Sci-Fi paintings in his Flickr-folio.

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  2. David Schleinkofer Says:

    I’ve decided to get back into painting Sci-fi again. I’ve been getting such good feed back from viewers out there and I miss the fun I had designing space craft and space suits, aliens and environments that might exist out there in the universe. I enjoyed coming up with building designs for cities of the future so watch my flickr.com account for new work. David Schleinkofer

  3. David Schleinkofer Says:

    This image was taken after the paint had faded from sun light exposure. If you look at my web site on Flickr.com now you will see what it is suppose to look like after I restored the color to the original art work. Much better I think you’ll agree?

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