The Design Director of the Obama campaign, Scott Thomas contacted me several months back about a project he was putting together to chronicle the grass roots art and design contributions toward the historical campaign. The finished product is shaping up to be something really special. The book is 360 pages and hardbound. They are currently accepting donations to print the book and will only print as many books that are ordered. You can read more about the project at the official website.

Some of the work I created over the course of the campaign (that is still free for download on this site) will be in the book. Some of the same work was also recently featured in another book: Art for Obama: Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change.

The participating artists from the book:
Justin Hampton, Aaron Allen, Aaron Axelrod, Aaron Nagel, Eddie, Adam Culbert, AG Ford, Armando Lerma, Carlos Ramirez, Michelle Page, Amanda Martin, Annie Weatherwax, Ben Speckmann, Billi Kid, Delicious Design League, Brett Yasko, Brian Flynn, Christopher Smith, Caleb Kozlowski, Chad Mize, Chuck Anderson, Cody Hudson, Christopher Beaumont, Derek Gores, Deroy Peraza, Doug Cunningham & Jason Noto, Erika Iris Simmons, EMEK Studios, Emily Gallardo, Evan Bench, Felix Jackson. Jr, Frank Chimero, Graye Smith, Paula Scher, Greg Beauchamp, Gui Borchert, George Vlosich III, Greg Vlosich, Lance Wille, Aaron Meshon, Herb Williams, Christopher Cox, Jonathan Hoefler, Michael Murphy, Alex Fuller, Antar Dayal, Derek Hess, Martin Schoeller, Armando Lerma, and Carlos Ramirez, Leon Bedore, Reuben Raffael, Billy Baumann & Jason Teegarden-Downs, Jason Munn, Jeff Domke, Jimm Lasser, John Locke, John Steins, John Sokol, Judy North, Ales Bask Hostomsky, Josh Wisdumb, Jessica Witkin, Kishore Nallan C, Ratha Sok, Lance Wyman, Larry Roibal, Michael Leavitt, Mr Brainwash, Margaret Coble, Adam S Doyle, Michael Forbes, Manick Sorcar, Marc Scheff, Marco Pece, Mason Fetzer, Max Estes, James O’Brien, Melvin Heng, Michael Jacob, Don Garcia, Christina Alexandra, Oliver Barrett, Gugger Petter, Phillip Clark, Frank Plant, Rafael Lopez, Ray Noland, Renan Molin, René Garcia, Jr., Robert Haining, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Ron English, Russell Young, Steve Deer, Rick Sealock, Shana Barry, Shawn Hazen, Shannon Moore, James Widener, Sofia Fridman, Melinda Beck, Scott Hansen, Thomas Brodahl, Todd Hirsch, Todd and Cain Benson, Tristan Eaton, Charis Tsevis, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Van Monroe, Wade Hampton, Wes Winship, Zara Gonzalez, Zilly Rosen, Zina Saunders

Is it just me or have we lost some steam since the amazing days of the campaign? It seems now that we are as mired as we ever were. Where did our voices go? Why did we stop after he got elected? Wasn’t that just the beginning? I guess I need to get off my ass and start doing some political design work again.

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4 Responses to “Designing Obama”

  1. jen Says:

    i agree! my friends and i were just talking about the lost steam and how we can try to generate more positive awareness again because everything about obama and his work and policies has been so negative recently. all the press that is.

  2. Ray Menlo Says:

    Thank you not for the deception in geting a Marxist criminal elected President.

    You will wake up one day in the very near future and find that you freedom of which you know nothing has been removed.
    Do your country a favor and Art up some truth about Anita Dunn-Communist, Or the pending assule on your freedom to do what you have done Net Neutrality. This web page will be subject to censure if Ron Bloom- Communist is sucessful at carring out the “change” Obama is forcing on this nation.
    You are extremly talented! The best I have ever seen…please I beg you just look for 1 hour at something in may change your mind…Go to Newzeal Blogspot and read, then verify the references, don’t take my word for it but please do your own investigation.
    Great talent!

  3. anony Says:

    AGREE! Your talent wasted on promoting a SOCIALIST liar who despises the very free enterprise you rely on!

  4. Christopher Says:

    Thanks for the props on my talent. It is appreciated. But I will use it to support what I feel is best as that is my right. If you feel so strongly about this, then learn to design and create ‘anti-socialist’ propaganda and educate people about your point of view instead of spouting off on blogs like this where most likely absolutely no one is going to pay attention to your point of view.

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