I’ve been here for years. But yes, Changethethought.com will be making a return in the year 2016. An entirely new site design is on its way. I will also be acknowledging a more roundabout manner of content that will more holistically acknowledge the life and times of a post millennium creative. So much has changed. I’ve tried and failed at running a studio, and in several iterations. And I’ve chosen to come home back to where it all began. Changethethought.com is and always has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. In the past 5 years I’ve become a father twice over. And now more than ever I worry about the future. And I think this website has a role to play and a voice to be heard and shared. It’s time to shift focus back to where it belongs and plug this sucker back in. Much has changed since I unexpectedly fell silent in 2013. But I believe 2016 might be the absolute perfect time to begin anew. Call it a feeling.

I’ve since been reinventing myself as a Creative Director, Art Director, Director, Animator, Designer, Illustrator, Brand(er) and Writer again via a new personal experimental playground here: The Changethethought Studio

I’ve teased a relaunch of this website before but this is not a tease. The fury will be coming again soon and this time I intend to light a fire much brighter than what burned before. Thank you for your past support and I hope you can stay the course with me in the future. I chose the name of this site for a reason. And I intend to work towards fulfilling the promise the name makes. I’ll be speaking with you all again very soon.

Expect daily posts and a robust on demand storefront featuring lots of design-centric, politically loud-mouthed and typographically observant merchandise.

Watch this space.

Christopher Cox
Changethethought Founder and Administrator

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10 Responses to “Dont Call It A Comeback”

  1. Zach Says:

    Oh man, this is fantastic! I remember coming to this site YEARS ago, all the time, to see what cool artist you had linked or what sweet new design you came up with. You were a huge inspiration to me dude, it’s good to have you back.

  2. Dave Mullen Jnr Says:

    Excited about the comeback!

  3. Bodhi Says:

    AMAZING NEWS. Changethethought has been my inspiration since starting out as a Junior designer. I’ve really missed the amazing work you curate.

  4. Dubsauce Says:

    Can’t wait for the redux!

  5. C3PablO Says:

    Awesome! Glad to here you are back

  6. Jake Says:

    Pumped to see this return. I, as well as many, loved coming here to stay up with the latest. I always thought this site was ahead of whatever curve we were rounding collectively and I’m confident that with the rest of the world carltching up to this blog’s level of quality, it’ll be that much more interesting to see what’s happening in the space. Thanks

  7. Vosvos Says:

    We are waiting more and better articles : )

  8. Pepino Says:

    I had a long time no visiting CTT …. and well, is a year since the announcement, is not exactly as I’m drooling of eagerness to watch the renewal of the site but honestly it will be SO good to see something, I thing CTT is very complete and gives you insights on modern art. Hope having news from you guys.

  9. onozen Says:

    we’re still waiting! :-)

  10. Anisa Patel Says:

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