Philly-based and PA native (and UO Inc. employee [who’s happy to pick up a freelance gig or two (wink, wink)]), Elysse Ricci does the kind of ‘stupid-simple’ design that I occasionally hear people bitch about. They say things like, ‘man, that helvetica design stuff is bullshit’. But you know the funny thing is, the stupid-simple work just comes off so clean and looking at it and liking it makes you feel smart.

It’s a lot like cooking, you can analyze it and over season, but it really boils down to fundamentals. It’s about color, font selection, positioning, form and a little bit of intuition with a sprinkle of talent. Cool heads prevail in design/advertising and you always have to be prepared to take off the apron and go burn off some steam (just like a chef). Yes, I am over simplifying but you get the point. I have worked in advertising now for a while which gave me an enormous appreciation for the power of concept, but I now spend way way way too much time over analyzing some of my own design work. I am beginning to realize that their is a kind of beauty in people enjoying a nice steak with a side of fried potatoes. You just know it will taste good and you feel great eating it. Is that so bad? Everything in moderation.

I gobbled up Ricci’s work, and I think it looks delicious. I hope I can produce something as delectable. Is going minimal trendy or is it a staple? I think it might just be a staple. It won’t go away and it always pleases.

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  1. Elysse Ricci Says:

    New tag line thanks to you sir: Keepin’ it simple since 1986.

    Thanks so much for featuring my work! Check out my new blog full of new simple design experiments. Hooray! http://leoparade.tumblr.com

  2. Maya Says:

    I don’t think you can leave UArts without knowing how to do the clean simple stuff.

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