I honestly can’t say, even after reading the explanation for it, that I really understand what Erotic Falconry is or why it even exists. Seriously though, sometimes you don’t need to understand something to appreciate it. Sometimes sheer strangeness just cuts straight through the need for intellect into the lust for something truly radical. And you can quote me on this, there is something kind of radical about Erotic Falconry.

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15 Responses to “Erotic Falconry”

  1. Fubiz Says:

    Beautiful picture!!

  2. Dudes Says:

    It is erotic in its own way!

  3. Winy Says:

    Your so hot they hate coz there not

  4. Bumbiter Says:

    Obviously Photoshopped images.

  5. stokie Says:

    sick as f***

  6. G.Cash Says:


  7. saudi Says:

    منتديات سعودي للأبد

  8. Tom Roberts Says:

    The Hawkand the erotic together is the inplication of children in erotica. Hence the ‘Chicken Hawk’ term used when referring to child pornography. It is artistically nice to look at though even though not really sexually explicit.

  9. Lisa S. Says:

    I think the satire takes the day on that site. I actually found a couple of the photos sort of hot!
    I was thinking it would disturb me more, and was pleasantly surprised. The most
    disturbing thing about it is really Tom’s comment here.

  10. el tirili Says:

    auténtica, la tendré una semana en mi web, con el enlace original. Si vulnero alguna ley de copyright hacedmelo saber que la retiro inmediatamente.
    Un saludo

  11. Anna Says:

    It’s amazing how many people are apparently ”offended” by the obviously in humour site, in fact it sometimes scares me how poor a sense of humour the ‘interent’ in general has!
    The photo’s are so silly, and I love silly… If anything it brings to light how funny the idea of the photos are in themselves! Only someone with high levels of prudish in thier blood could possibly find it offensive.

    And now the website won’t load! Crying shame! I wanted to show it to someone too, ah well pleanty of the photos lurking about.

    I second, Tom’s comment is about the only thing I can link to the site that’s remotely disturbing. But the way it is layed out is so textbook style I can’t help but still find it slightly amusing :) Reminds me of the kind of things people say about art sometimes… Just… Sometimes something is just what it is, and only needs to be that.

  12. asolo Says:

    its like those calendars of chicks with sweet cars, people who like cars think its hot, this is just the same thing for people who like hawks but its understandable that some people think its wierd or creepy.

  13. TRTorrez Says:

    It’s pics like this one that re-affirm my belief in God. There is NO possible way that THAT was created by a random placement of molecules. THAT was created by our all-powerful Creator! Absolutely beautiful. Amen.

  14. cheese Says:

    definitely photoshopped

  15. Christopher Says:

    Gee. You think?

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