Radiohead has partnered with Aniboom and is currently holding a contest to create a 1 minute animated video using any of the songs off of Radiohead’s current album, In Rainbows. Robert Hodgin from Flight 404 decided to toss his hat in the ring with the beautiful bit of animation created with Processing above.

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4 Responses to “Flight 404 for Radiohead”

  1. kyle steed Says:

    WOW! amazing. It’s so colorful and wonderful and frightening at the same time.

  2. Christopher Cox Says:

    Wow. I have to say honestly that I have watched this several times since I blogged about it and I am just blown away by this. It’s really a fiercely original piece of true art. This guy is just so very talented. I mean this is the kind of thing you look at and realize this is real art. It’s the kind of work that truly bridges art and science making it something new and unique. I love this. I also love Radiohead. I would love to see this on a high definition television if I could afford one. I hope they choose this. It’s groundbreaking work.

  3. Daashy Says:


  4. Lorriane Bosque Says:

    Looks like pure sommer ! I love the different shades of the blue !

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