Flora Fauna World’s work has been at the center of a few hotbutton creative disputes in the past but despite all of that they still continue to crank out some sincerely kick ass gig posters for some great bands. They have been busy lately and their site has seen a recent update of some excellent new poster work.

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7 Responses to “Flora Fauna World: Updates”

  1. allen Says:

    Nope. Won’t support Paul Gardner. Dude can’t control himself, he even admitted he had a problem at one point, but it didn’t stop him.

  2. Christopher Says:

    Just curious, what did he say his problem was?

  3. allen Says:

    Stealing other designers work and passing it off as his own… of course now that I said that he may threaten to sue you like he did the owner of gigposters.

  4. allen Says:


  5. BillCosby Says:

    come on let’s not support this thief

  6. Christopher Says:

    Is that really you Bill Cosby? That would be so totally awesome if it was.

  7. allen Says:

    Bill Cosby is an art critic?! who knew!?

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