I have created one last round of free downloadable vector-format posters for the Obama presidential campaign. I created these myself because of some of the recent problems and allegations that have been swarming around Obama. I still feel very strongly that he is the most viable candidate for president in 2008. It has angered me to see him being accused of being an elitist. Barack Obama is a self-made man of the people and he is very much for the people.

Again, these posters are completely free and were created deliberately as vector art so they would be small in file size making them ideal for fast distribution through email. They are available in both 11 x 17 format and large scale poster size at 24 x 36. The 11 x 17 posters are ideal for home printing on tabloid size paper and should be fairly inexpensive to print in large quantities. The small file size should allow you to email them directly to Kinko’s if you would like to print a run for your local Obama campaign group.

I created this new series to be much more aggressive in tone and convey more of Obama’s strength and determination. The last series was meant to help communicate Obama’s humanity and his qualities as the ‘thinking-man’s candidate’ which I feel he is.

Once more, if you do not like the style of these posters or feel they can be improved or translated into your native language, I encourage you to download them and do so. I have made the raw Illustrator files completely available so you are welcome to alter them in any way you see fit. The previous post announcing the alterations of the already existing posters also contains a long list of other places on the web where you can download Obama posters. Those posters and mine should give you several options suiting many tastes for posters to distribute at little to no cost.

As always you can download all of the posters I have created in the Obama section of the website.

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  1. Luke Cox Says:

    I officially and whole heartedly jumped onto the Obama train about a month ago, and now I think the Obama train might wreck. If Hilary isn’t gone and Reverend Wright hasn’t shut his big friggin’ mouth by July, then I will have some serious doubts about Barack’s chances of becoming President. I also think that it will be an enormous kick in the balls to my generation if he isn’t in the Presidential race. I can’t see very many of these newly registered voters showing up at the booths if Obama isn’t on the ballot. I’m not even sure if I’ll vote if Obama isn’t in the race. American’s will most likely continue to vote the same political royal families into power and then wonder why none of our problems ever get resolved, and my generation will continue to quietly bend over and reap the rewards of our elders’ decisions.

  2. Christopher Says:

    Hold Fast and keep heart little brother. He still has a chance. He’s still winning the popular vote and I think a lot of working class Americans are realizing that he represents them better than any other candidate. The more I learn about Obama, the more I realize he is the genuine article, and in turn how important that it is for us to elect him. All you can do is spread the word and get out there and vote. There is still a very very strong possibility he could be the nominee. 1 in 3 is not bad odds at all. I think Reverend Wright has really revealed that he has some serious ego problems that go way beyond Obama. Obama has denounced him and very forthrightly disagreed with the things Wright has been saying. That is 10 times more than any of our elected leaders have done in far more serious matters like the Iraq war and global warming. The latest thing our government needs to pull their heads out of their ass over is renewable energy, specifically ethanol. But don’t get me started on that one. I plan on posting more about the link between rain forest deforestation and the recent food crisis with ethanol very soon.

    Anyway, back to Obama. He does have a chance. There are still more people than Clinton out there that want to see Obama nominated. The delegates know that and they know that to go against the public vote right now, more than any other time in history, would be a very very foolish thing to do. This is still OUR system and we can make it work for us. That is what it was built for. The country belongs to the public and we will have our say. Young people just got to get out there and vote.

    Have hope. Hope is real and it’s not something to be embarrassed about. Hope and spread the word. We can change things.

  3. richard feldman Says:

    Thanks for encouraging words Chris because I was starting to think like Luke.

  4. Christopher Says:

    Luke really is my brother. I wasn’t just saying that. Him and I are always flipping back and forth between who’s opptomistic and who’s pessimistic. I guess this time I am on the optomist side but we tend to switch out every time we talk.

  5. Connie Says:

    The good thing about the democratic race this election season is that the young generation is thinking about what they want in their leaders and what they feel is best for our country! It is more important now then at any other time in my lifetime (I’m 57) that young people make their views known to the politicians! I understand why young people are excited about Obama and why they see politicians in my age as “old school”! I am proud that my sons are very politically active and are paying attention! All young people need to be paying attention – it is your future!

  6. John Says:

    Keep it up

  7. Oliver Says:

    VOTE OBAMA! Please!
    Thanks for the Vectors. Wanna spread it even here… Dubai for Obma

    Greetz from Dubai.

  8. mark Says:

    I just set this graphic up as my desktop. Very cool.

    As we get closer to November 4th, I am very excited that the polls are swinging in Obama’s favor.
    The election of Obama is a pivotal change for America to an optimistic and embracing society.

  9. Aaron Says:

    Hey guys, There is a website that does personalized obama style portraits.
    It’s very cool and affordable! http://www.allpopart.com !
    Let’s all show how we commit to change!

  10. betty Says:

    will you all got your wish now he is really screwing up america…

  11. betty Says:

    i just bought a impeach obama poster!!!!

  12. Christopher Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Betty. I personally disagree with some of Obama’s policies myself but he still has a very long long way to go to screw up as badly as Bush did. Personally, I have had my fill with the lot of the government as of late and am ready to vote some new folks in. But the people lining up to fill the next positions look even worse than what we have now.

    I think we are all a little tired of choosing between the lesser of evils to represent us.

  13. Christopher Says:

    You know Betty, it’s been my policy in the past to take these comments lightly and allow them to pass without much incident since I consider the internet one of the last places in this country where you can speak your mind freely above the influence of the greed that has snared the media and the public psyche. But today, I think I am going to give you a piece of my mind. I guess maybe because I pay for this site myself and have everything I have because I have worked for it even in the face of what I feel has been an almost total collapse of the system supporting a country that I truly love.

    I still believe Obama was elected democratically, even when it was almost impossible while the Bush administration and the Goldman Sachs run treasury instituted the largest cash and carry or more like grab and steal ever in the entire history of America. The people voted no against the corporate bailout and it was overturned by the ‘corporate run government’ in a matter of days. I didn’t support the bailout. I doubt you did either. Most people didn’t. But they did it anyway. Without even asking us for a vote.

    We have lost our homes, jobs and rotted in hospitals paying deregulated insurance companies, credit default swaps and derivatives pushed upon us by some of the smartest minds in the country. So many of those minds now work against us instead of for us because things have gotten so out of control. Our ideals have been wiped out. Our rights have been revoked. We are drowning in debt while having our attentions diverted by a wholly irresponsible media that spews out terms handed down by corporate pigs that we don’t even understand. We are lost in the blackest part of the forest and it’s become in possible to see it through the trees. To make matters worse, while almost all of us want the same thing, the right to a decent wage, the right to a home, the right to provide for our family, the right to health care, the right to a good education and the right to be protected by our government from corporate interest not preyed upon by it. While that is what most of us if not all of us are crying for as we spin in the blackest part of the forest they once again are succeeding in turning us upon one another. Our rhetoric has been reduced to that of lost and scared little children who are afraid they might go hungry.

    Is this a democracy? Is that how a democratic government is run? Is that how the people allow our elected officials to represent us? By allowing them to steal from us without even demanding their responsibility in the affair?

    I believe the Democrats are just as culpable as the Republicans. I will not argue that at all. However, I do still believe in the system. You can stand shoulder to shoulder in this country and cast a vote that carries equal weight with someone who is part of the upper 1 percent that you, I and most of us pay to support. You can still do that. People voted for Obama because they felt he was something different. They thought because he was something different maybe, just maybe he could ‘do’ something different. But who knows now if that is even possible with Wall Street’s hand shoved in every pocket in the White House.

    I believe in a country where when we pay taxes, we should have the right to healthcare that supports us and keeps us alive to continue paying those taxes. Healthcare SHOULD NOT BE AND NEVER EVER EVER EVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN A “FOR PROFIT” INDUSTRY! It’s evil to run it as a for profit industry. Everyone is looking for ‘evil’ these days. Well there it is. If I am going to pay my government to take care of me, then they damn well better do that. I should be able to trust them to do that more than a privately held and profit driven insurance company whose only interest is to drive down costs and fix prices in order to churn a profit while people suffer and die. Yes, that industry should be regulated. It has to be. I think a lot of things should be regulated. That’s why I pay my taxes. REGULATION is what CONSERVATIVE government means! I demand my rights as a citizen. I don’t pay taxes to make the already criminally rich even more criminally rich. I don’t know if that is called ‘socialism’ or ‘democracy’ but I do know that I am a slave if my taxes are not paying for the right to be protected by my government against those that would seek to harm me for profit.

    It makes me sad to see so many people throwing around words again that hold almost no meaning in the wake of what has happened in the last 10 years. Words like ‘socialism’, ‘communism’, ‘capitalism’, ‘conservatism’, ‘democracy’ and ‘republicanism’. What do those words mean when what we are paying for in this country is a plutonomy where all of our economic growth is consumed by a class we can no longer hope to ever achieve at the expense of the destruction of everything we once represented. That is the ‘only’ word that applies to our current system. The only one.

    All I want Betty, is for the system to work again. I am still young at 33 years old and I still believe things can change. We have to take this country back for the middle class. For the people that believe in this country because all they want are the simple things in life such as family, work, love and good health. We deserve that right. That’s why we vote. That’s why we pay taxes. So if that is what you want, then go vote for it. Campaign for it. Make posters. Start a website. Tell everyone you know. Make phone calls. Do something other than seeking out small websites to air you complaints buried in comments most will never read. If you think I was wrong in who I supported after the last administration raped our country into economic oblivion, then go out there and vote for who you think is right. McCain is already talking about a preemptive war with Iran. I am sure that would be a much more economically sound plan right now than instituting policy that would give more Americans a right to healthcare. And in case you missed it, that last comment is called ‘sarcasm’.

    But please Betty try, try really really really hard next time you vote to stand next to me and see the forest through the trees instead of taking everything you see and hear on the radio and television at face value. Because when money is at stake and a system is run almost entirely by greed, most of the time, you are being lied to and coached into thinking what you believe. I believe in freedom and I believe in a democratically elected government that protects me from corporate crime. If you want the kind of ‘conservative’ government I am guessing you do, why don’t you stop wasting your time here and go out there and try to put an amendment on the ballot that puts an end to ‘lobbyism’ in our government. Because if I could hazard a guess, your opinion means nothing when an insurance company is stuffing a million dollar check down your state Senator’s pocket.

  14. Chloe Anderson Says:

    The effects of Global Warming is getting much stronger these days. We should concentrate more on alternative energy to reduce carbon emissions.

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