“We animated this spot for the official 2010 Gaz Metro campaign, we’re really proud of this piece. We worked crazy hours all through the night & with a ton of real chalk and paint to create this stop motion madness. Enjoy and please let us know what you think. Stay tuned for a making-of doc”

Wow, who knew what you could do with chalk?

Client: Gaz Metro
Agency: Sid Lee (Jimmy Lee)
Direction: Jérémie Saindon
Production: QuatreZeroUn
Animation Direction: Fred Caron
Animation: Fred Caron, Sylvie Trouvé, Dale Hayward
Post Production: Mokko Studio
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  1. Bob Says:

    it’s just using the idea from the artist blu but for advertising?

  2. Gaz Metro | Gadgets and More Says:

    […] Source advertising […]

  3. Phaelon Says:


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