Here is a 3D exploration of Picasso’s famous painting, Guernica. 3D by Lena Gieseke with music by Manuel de Falla, Christopher Johns and Matthew Anderson. Beautiful little video.

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  1. Guernica | Virale Says:

    […] sa fac o corelatie cu ideea de la inceput, va mai spun doar o informatie interesanta legata de “Guernica”: “…este o pictură de 349,3 x 776,6 cm realizată în 1937 de pictorul Pablo Picasso. […]

  2. Douglas Says:

    This is a fabulously executed scene, I think it would benefit greatly from a more thoughtful and imaginative use of the camera however perhaps utilising more dramatic cinematic techniques. It has the potential to be mind blowing but given the subject matter I feel the cinematography lets it down. Good work though, love it!

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