Glitch art is quickly becoming a popular craze this year. Kanye West’s most recent video (which you can watch above) utilized the effect as well at the Chairlift video I posted last week. So where can you make your own glitch art? There is a really cool site developed between Dimitre Lima (dmtr.org), Tony Scott (beflix.com) and Iman Moradi (organised.info) for New Langton Arts in San Francisco that will take your site, and more specifically the images on your site and glitch them for you. The site is aptly titled ‘Glitch Browser’ and you can try it out here. If that doesn’t satiate your glitch thirst then you can see some readymade glitch art here.

Formfiftyfive was kind enough to put all of these links together first, so be sure to give them a visit as well. Thank you for all your hard blog work FFF.

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8 Responses to “Glitch Art Craze”

  1. BBB Says:

    Please for the love of god stop this crap!
    I guess if you have no talent use some filter effect or glitch look to cover it.

  2. Christopher Says:

    I actually think its kind of cool. The visuals are what they are but I think the videos are really interesting. Why all the hate?

  3. Luke Williams Says:

    I’m indifferent to the trend – its done well sometimes, while other times falls a little short. Just like any other ‘look’ its all in how you apply it. Example: Change The Thought visual in this post looks SICK!

  4. Christopher Says:

    Yeah, I agree. Its always in how its applied.

  5. BLASTOFF Says:

    shit is dope /// original use of the Glitch /// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_2m-4e4tyA

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  7. Glitchbrowser Says:

    “Glitchbrowser killed the glitch star” as the song says

  8. Glllllllllllllllitch Says:

    I like how immediately people think you must be an untalented sap to do glitch art, yet like any art it needs to be honed and perfected. The most ignorant comment was the one about glitch art filters… I guess they probably exist, but I haven’t seen any, nor do I care to… Its a skill a lot like circuit bending… You start off randomly and through the process of reverse engineering you begin to understand how to chop a picture up a particular way. Most of us use our own photography a good text editor and least of all photoshop. I’d say we tend to use photoshop a lot less than your typical graffic designer, and thus less filters, but I am sure they would like to discredit anything that takes their bullshit art from the spotlight… Not that my art is going anywhere… But thats not important… Its like noise is to music, those who understand it can recognize the complexity of sound and light, those who don’t understand it will see and hear noise… There is a lot more to it and my pieces are very much technically composed…

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