Good Magazine is suggesting the idea that organs could be harvested from death row inmates. Currently no plan for something like this exists within the United States. It’s a dicey issue considering strong feeling about capital punishment. Personally, I am against it. Although I know there is absolutely no way I could ever understand what it would be like to lose a loved one to murder. I have had someone in my family nearly die in an accident and that forever changed my outlook on life and the value of life. It’s been hard for me ever since to side with terminating another person’s life for any reason. To me, it highlights a flaw within our societal makeup that is not addressed by capital punishment. It cuts the weed but doesn’t pull the root.

So, what do you think? Does this sound like a good idea? Good is suggesting, so long as we have capital punishment, it might as well be used to save lives in turn even though one is lost through the saving. It sounds like a smart idea to me and I know it could help a lot of people but it is hard for me to get around my personal feelings toward capital punishment.

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  1. kleer001 Says:

    China does this. They also have flimy excuses for arresting and executing people. This may be a good idea now, but what about 100 years from now? The slippery slope, my friend. Worst case scenario is convicts are harvested without appeal or their choice as soon as the kangaroo court finds them guilty.
    I think that if its restricted to only those inmates who choose to donate, then yes, it’s okay. There are life saving organ donations that are possible without death: kidneys, bone marrow, skin, even whole limbs.

  2. Christopher Says:

    That’s kind of how I feel about it too. There is just too much wiggle room for alternative motives. As corrupt as our system is and just the track record of legal system considered there is no real guarantee that there might be something awful that would happen causing some to be put to death just so there organs could be harvested. If it’s a choice, then yes, I totally agree. We might as well. It may give the inmate a chance to feel some redemption before the gallows.

    I have watched documentaries where there were allegations that as soon as the firing squad bullets hit their targets, there were doctors on hand in China to literally extract organs as soon as the bodies hit the ground. Horrible thing.

    My hope is that 100 years from now we don’t have or need capital punishment.

  3. Diane Says:

    This doesn’t mention the study done of people who would even accept organ donations from people on death row. There was a study done finding that once people knew where the organ came from, “a bad person”, they would rather die then accept the transplant most of the time. This is because people believe, or fear, that you could take on a bit of the donor themselves. They don’t want to live knowing they have the heart or kidney’s of a convicted murder. I think there is some merit to that. I forget the girls name, but this sort of thing is happening to her right now, she states her personality has completely changed because she accepted an organ from a criminal. I don’t know how true those personal stories are, but I do believe if someone has a lot of hate in them, it’s toxic to the body. Makes you think that is would really raise the quality of life for someone else in need.

  4. Hugo Humetewa Says:

    It’s easier to keep out of the conversation and not take the chance of being misunderstood.

  5. Sweed Says:

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