I just saw this posted at Surfstation and decided (after reading a passionately written post) to listen to a talk by Gordon Brown as part of a recent TED conference. Brown delivers a really unique talk for a man in his position and really espouses some unusual views on how he believes the world is being shaped by emerging technology. The juxt of his position being that we are now in a unique era where we have a genuine opportunity for real change driven by people who are able to connect instantaneously. It’s a ballsy thing to put into the stream of consciousness from a politician but that is exactly why it is hard not to take it as a genuinely heart felt cry for real change and progress.

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  1. Cletus Riehm Says:

    An individual independent tone of voice on Cnn within the Tv show. He has a definitely tough immigration law policy. The master graduated around the Harvard University. Now he has her one Radio stations Show. He don’t like the particular States chief executive.

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