Gui Borchert is currently a Creative Director at at Syrup New York where he has been for the past year and a half. Before landing there he worked at Mother New York for two years and also did a 4 year stint at R/GA. I remember a very very long time ago when I occasionally blogged for Design is Kinky, Gui came on board and also posted a link or two from time to time. He has come a long way since and his recent campaign for Puma got me really excited for the upcoming 2010 World Cup.

I have been shopping lately for a new Brazilian jersey and haven’t purchased one yet (my wife is Brazilian and not rooting for Brazil would mean a beheading at the hands of her and my inlaws). I get one during every World Cup but keep forgetting it is only a few weeks off. My DVR is gonna be full up here soon and I will be putting on at least 5 pounds of beer weight at a minimum.

So Gui, next time I finally get up to New York (hopefully for project work) I am buying you a Harp and we can rock our jerseys together. Joga bonito!

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3 Responses to “Gui Borchert: Updates”

  1. Donnie Lauando Says:

    awesome! Combines my two passions, football and design.
    As an a student it gives me great inspiration. It’s phenomenal.
    Hopefully one day I will be designing at this level.

  2. Gui Says:

    That’s awesome, thanks for the post!

    Come to NYC during the world cup. We will have many harps and root for Brazil together! :)

  3. Donnie Says:

    I’m already live and study in the city my friend.
    I will most def. be cheering for Brazil specially since my native country, Ecuador, did make it. :(
    But we have to support our South American teams!

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