If you are big into interiors and furniture like I am then you are probably always looking for that next source of inspiration for what to do with your home. The Tumblr blog of Home Sweet Home has plenty of ideas to offer up and caters to much more than the regular modern or mid-century modern appeal. I definitely stumbled upon some spaces that gave me several new ideas.

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  1. Mer Says:

    Thanks for the tippo, Chris! Been combing the interior design blogs lately, trying to find some tips for the DIY gal-on-the-go. I came across this in my searches recently, which I’m totally fired up about (and now combing local Yellow Pages to find someone with an acid bath handy): http://www.smart-urban-stage.com/blog/future-of-the-city/new-ways-of-sanctuary/ It’s cool to see how many other people are out there, doing up their homes so fine.

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