ThreeLeggedLegs has some choice words for all of us as we continue to multiply like an infestation and destroy our planet. And they put together these choice words in the form of a fantastic little animation created simply for the hell of it.

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7 Responses to “Humans!”

  1. Mr.28 Says:

    Love the animation. There’s a beautiful style to it. Don’t really like the attitude. It smacks of either self-loathing or superiority.

  2. Christopher Says:

    It’s called sarcasm and humor. And that is the entire point of the animation.

  3. Mr.28 Says:

    ‘As we continue to multiply like an infestation and destroy our planet.’

    Oh, I see, yeah your comment there absolutely reeks of sarcasm. Dur, Ima sorry cristifur, ima moran.

    I got the humour in the animation, it was cool. There is zero humour in your post, and I’ve noticed prior to this that you tend to respond sharply and in a patronising manner to anything posted on this site that differs from your opinion.

  4. Christopher Says:

    Sorry hadn’t had my coffee yet this morning. Much better now.

  5. Christopher Says:

    And yes, I was being a bit of an ass and I apologize. Been a bit of a struggle lately keeping up with our new business and this blog (my attitude has suffered a little lately due to some crazy stress) but all excuses aside…what I meant to say, in a non-smart-ass way was that I was trying to be sarcastic in the post with the ‘as we continue to multiply like an infestation and destroy our planet’ line. But it was definitely dry sarcasm with an intended edge to hopefully get people to think about the whole issue of human kind and environment.

    I don’t disagree with you though. The animation is totally self-loathing, but I think it’s supposed to be deprecating in a funny way. By superiority though, I think you mean the animation is a little arrogant in calling out people as being a disease but not offering any solution. I think though that is part of the sarcasm and humor bit that makes the spot cheeky.

    The big problem is that I think all of us as creative and spiritual people see a huge problem with what is happening between population growth, technology and the destruction of the environment and none of us really know what to do about it since we can’t seem to get our governments or corporations help us devise any new solutions.

    Sorry for snapping and being flippant. I know that wasn’t constructive and I appreciate your comments and starting a dialogue. That’s what this is all about.

  6. Mr.28 Says:

    No worries, I apologise for responding in a way that was dead snarky.

    I did miss the sarcasm in your statement (and it was your post rather than the video that I took issue with) and I had recently been involved in a somewhat heated debate with someone who held that opinion with absolute seriousness. To clarify I think that when a statement like that is made in all seriousness it either shows that a person is disgusted with themselves as a part of the human race, or sees themselves as part of the solution and looks down on the rest of the world. I see the story of the human race as one of great progress and of rising from ignorance, and while we have a ways to go I try my hardest to maintain a sense of optimism about my species. Which can be very tricky at times…

    Anyhow, no hard feelings eh?

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