Steven Nicholas Smith asked strangers off the street in Philadelphia to finish the sentence ‘I Am’. He decided to delve deeper into some of the answers further, creating not only written poems but a visual metaphor of the responses. It’s a simple concept but makes for an engaging and warm video about what’s on the mind of our fellow men and women.

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  1. Trevor Conrad Says:

    an interesting trend; getting people/public to complete/confess/express personal thoughts and combine them into a larger execution. . . reminds me of the book and movie about confessions and secrets (the book: ‘A PostSecret Book’. can’t think of the name of the movie). either way the results are human and honest, in a time when things seem just the opposite. thanks for the post.

  2. Mr.28 Says:

    I really enjoyed this and it served as a great reminder that this is the kind of work I had always hoped to make. I think I’ve gotten a little side-tracked over the last couple of years. Great video.

  3. zeta Says:


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