The Imaginary Foundation got in touch to let me know that they have launched their first blog. It is again filled with the kind of inspirational tidbits that support their philosophy. They are also releasing a new line today. The second image above is from their new line that was just released. The first image was taken from one of their earlier shirts and is still probably my all time favorite. IF was kind enough to send me some shirts recently and I was honesty pretty shocked at how well the image holds up on their shirts and how true the color is.

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3 Responses to “Imaginary Foundation Blog”

  1. Paul Says:

    Why does every piece of design have to have some silly little phrase on it that would be more at home on the MySpace page of a 13 year old girl

  2. Christopher Says:

    Don’t ask me. Send them an email asking why, offer your services to design something better for them or don’t buy their wares.

  3. Shirley Davis Says:

    Is this an organization one can join? I read an interview with your director and was extremely intrigued!

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