I had previously written about artist, musician and designer Scott Hansen being selected by the Obama campaign to contribute the next ‘Artists for Obama’ poster after Shepard Fairey and the poster was printed and put up for sale this week. You can purchase a limited edition print of the poster ‘here‘ at the official Obama website.

It’s interesting to note that where, Fairey’s work (and my own) work for Obama has been very ‘political’ drawing influence from WWII propaganda and Russian Constructivism, Hansen’s poster is very soft and human. It’s a sharp contrast to the now iconic poster Fairey created and portrays a totally different interpretation of Obama’s campaign and message.

You can read more about the poster along with a massive list of comments about it at IS050’s blog.

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  1. Luke Says:

    This has nothing to do with the poster, but I think you should have something on here about Bob Barr becoming the Libertarian Presidential Candidate. He’ll most likely be like a more powerful Ralph Nader in this election, but he’s more likely to take votes away from McCain. He’s also opposed to the war in Iraq though, so who knows. If you don’t know who Bob Barr is, he’s the guy that eats cheese made from the tit of Borat’s wife in the movie “Borat”.

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