My friend and local Denver web designer/developer Joe Mease has relaunched his website. Joe is one of Denver’s best kept secrets and has developed sites for some of the best agencies in the city. He also happens to be a incredibly nice guy and you just absolutely cannot miss if you are looking for a consistently amazing Flash developer.

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  1. miro Says:

    your friend and local denver web designer/developer jon mease is an f’ing idiot for sending people to that rick roll site if they don’t update flash. say bye bye to those potential clients :-)

  2. Christopher Says:

    Well, one easy fix is just to update since you will have to eventually anyway.

    I guess you just can’t please everyone all the f’ing time now can you Miro? God forbid someone click a button and wait for 2 minutes for an update. The sky might fall.

    Joe serves a very specialized clientele and he is probably one of the most successful at doing so that I have met. He gets most of his work by making his clients happy and having them help him grow his business by word of mouth. I personally am not that big on Flash anymore, but if a great guy like Joe can do so well at it, more f’ing power to him. :-)

  3. miro Says:

    I think you’re missing the point. If you send visitors that came to your site to, say, a Rick Roll YouTube vid, that’s fine. But when you send them to some place that takes control of your browser, pops up a million pop up windows, and blares music, in other words http://smouch.net/lol/ People aren’t going to like you much and it’s very unnecessary.

  4. Christopher Says:

    Ah I see, I didn’t realize at all that his site did that. I already had the player so I have never had that experience. Maybe he was trying to be funny and overshot a little.

    Sorry to hear that happened to you. Yeah, I didn’t realize that was the issue.

  5. jim vt Says:

    that was the most annoying thing i have ever seen, just removed you from favorites for that. Internet users dont have to be on your site as there are many others doing similar things… dissapointing

  6. Christopher Says:

    I apologize. Joe is a good friend of mine and I have no idea what his site is doing when a user does not have the right Flash player. I sent him an email asking him what is going on. If it is so bad that it is upsetting people this much it must be something awful.

  7. Joe Mease Says:

    Hey guys, sorry to cause such a stir. It was meant to just be a practical joke on people, who for unknown reasons, don’t want to keep up with the latest Flash player technology. Please don’t blame Chris or ChangeTheThought for my actions, he really had no way of knowing.

    Maybe Ill keep the link to something silly, mildly annoying, but nothing as severe as the rick-roll browser takeover.

    Again, sorry for any harm done…

  8. Joe Mease Says:

    Alright everyone, lets put down the pitch-forks, and blow out the torches, as I have updated the “i dont want to upgrade” link to something less aggravating, while still conveying my point to just upgrade for god sakes.

    So with that said, I hope everyone is happy now, and jim tv, Im sorry to say, but if you think that removing this site from your favorites is hurting anyone but yourself, think again. This is a great site, and you know it… but do as you must.


  9. aaron Says:

    What a bunch of babies!

  10. jim vt Says:

    Yeah sorry over reacted on that one, was just super embarrassing when the boss was looking over my shoulder and I am rick-rolliing all over the place and dont know how to stop it … keep up the good work changethethought…

  11. Chris Says:

    Wow what a controversy this caused. It’s all good everyone. It’s all good.

  12. Phil Says:

    Sounds like this site’s membership is 98% Nazi. Congratulations on dictating the functionality of a site you don’t even own. F*ing buy a book on Flash development (and apparently it needs to be a book on Flash 3.0) if you don’t like the way Joe codes his site. It’s called creative expression.

  13. Brent Weaver Says:

    We hire Joe all the time and quite frankly, now that I know he rick roll’s little babies I am going to hire him even more.

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