Joel Evey got in touch to inform me that he has launched a new website and it is full of really great work. He takes a really artistic approach to his layouts and doesn’t shy away from negative space. His new work looks great. Joel currently works for Nixon Watches and they should count themselves lucky to have him.

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  1. tconrad Says:

    I’m afraid i miss what all the rage is about with graphic designers like this. It all seems so arbitrary and thoughtless. Granted nice compositions but he doesn’t solve any problems. This stylistic approach is overdone, enough with the random strike throughs and space circles. Shit his half tone poster is a simple photoshop plugin?!

  2. Christopher Says:

    Well said and point taken. I am glad people can speak their minds here. More please.

  3. nixon watches Says:

    Absolutely great information. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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