Joshua Hibbert was another artist who sent me his work and very humbly so as well. It was another, hey please check out my work email and to be honest, for as long as I have been blogging and looking at portfolios online (over 10 years now) you develop certain predisposed judgements. So when I see a link to a ‘blogspot’ portfolio I think, well he/she doesn’t really have a real website so I will check it out, but my expectations are at a minimum. But who am I to be such a pretentious douchebag and think that I know everything about how people choose to display their work online. I say this especially because Hibbert’s work surprised me and he has some excellent imagery on display and he is an obvious multi-faceted talent. Thanks for sending your work in Josh. I was inspired.

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  1. Patrick Says:

    haha this was exactly my reaction when I got an email from Joshua. but same as you I was pleasantly surprised, and immediately published his work

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