There is a nice cache of inspirational randomness including old adverts, movie posters, book covers and general strangeness in the Flickr pages of Junkyard Dogs. All of which is inspirational for the visually and creatively inclined.

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  1. Chad Harootunian Says:

    ExpressionFormulationAspect of the color dilution gene is a disorder called Color Dilution Alopecia. Although not life threatening, these dogs can develop skin problemstroubles. Since 1994 the blue and fawn colors have been banned from breeding by the Dobermann Verein in Germany and under FCI regulations Blue and Fawn are consideredconceived disqualifying faults in the international showring. In 1976, a white Doberman Pinscher bitch was whelped, and was subsequentlyafterwardslater on bred to her son, who was also bred to his litter sisters. This tight inbreeding continued for some time to allow the breeders to fix the mutationgenetic mutationvariation. White dobermans are a cream color with pure white markings and icy blue eyes. Although this is consistent with albinism, the proper characterizationportrayalpersonation of the mutation is currently unknown. The animals are commonlyusuallynormallyordinarily known as tyrosinase-positive albinoids, lacking melanin in oculocutaneous structures, but no known mutation has been identified.

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