If you have been curious lately who has been responsible for those crispy clean movie posters with the moody desaturated imagery then you can look no further as they are the work of talented designer Neil Kellerhouse.

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5 Responses to “Kellerhouse”

  1. Trevor Conrad Says:

    Absolutely FABULOUS post!. . . Fantastic work. . .
    love it.

  2. Patrick Says:

    I’ve actually been really curious, Neil Kellerhouse’s work is fantastic.

  3. Mr.28 Says:

    I’m glad this picked up a couple of comments. Amazing stuff and a really coherent body of work.

  4. Fraser Says:

    Wow!! Love it. I actually had been wondering who had produced “all those posters”


  5. kelsey @sonicprint & direct mail Says:

    looks like i was a fan and did not even know it. his stuff is awesome.

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